Roger Gibboni Invited A Jew Basher To A Rotary Club Meeting 4 Years Ago. Now His Son Junior Is Paying The Price!

Roger Gibboni
The two Rogers. Roger Gibboni Sr. with Roger Gibboni Jr. from 2019. (via Facebook)

Life must suck right now for Roger Gibboni, Jr. 

He spent a king’s ransom to get a law degree from a prestigious Washington DC law school. He then passes the California Bar with flying colors. Things started looking up for young Roger.

Matter of fact, he was seen singing and dancing to the theme of the Mary Tyler Moore Show as he was skipping down H Street on his way to work at the Institute for Legal Reform.

The ILR is funded by the US Chamber of Commerce to limit damage awards in tort lawsuits and to limit a local community’s rights under home rule. 

However, Junior’s career advancement hit a roadblock recently thanks to his father, Roger Gibboni, Sr. being a cheerleader for the borderline Nazi hate group, United Monroe.

Gibboni the elder gave me the lowdown when he called me to threaten me last week. However, I’ll get to that later. 

Roger GibboniApparently, potential employers in Washington DC are asking Roger, Jr. about his connections to borderline Nazi hate groups.

In particular, any connections he has to United Monroe and Emily Convers. Remember them? 

United Monroe has, for the most part, disbanded. Its former chairwoman Emily Convers fled New York for Switzerland after I successfully sued a United Monroe member for libel and defamation.

Convers is now hiding out in the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland using the name Emily Breslin on Facebook. 

Apparently, Roger Junior’s potential employers found a couple of blog posts I wrote about Roger Senior and Emily Convers from 2016. These potential employers are confusing rising legal hotshot Roger Gibboni, Junior with his arrogant know-it-all suburbanite father, Roger Gibboni, Senior. 

Is Roger Gibboni, Sr. A Jew Basher Or Is He Just A Raging Stunad?

Emily Convers  in 2016 giving her, “STOP THE JEWS!” sales pitch to the Warwick Valley Rotary Club

Our story begins when Roger Gibboni, Senior and WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling invited the Jew bashing Convers to a Warwick Valley Rotary Club back in 2016. To add insult to injury, they did it during Yom Kippur. 

The two former members soon faced a heap of criticism for inviting a borderline Nazi to speak.

Local Rotary members boycotted the meeting.

Local Hasidic groups threatened to protest the meeting and Rotary International dispatched representatives.

After all, it’s unheard of for a local rotary club to create protests and create utter chaos in their communities. 

Within hours after the meeting, MFI-Miami posted a picture of Convers pounding the club’s lectern with her fists like Hitler or Mussolini.

By the next day, pandemonium had broken out in sleepy Warwick, NY and at Rotary International headquarters in Indiana. 

Roger Gibboni Looks For A Scapegoat 

Roger GibboniGibboni and Sterling created quite the shitshow.

They soon began looking for a scapegoat to pin this entire mess on. Gibboni, Sterling, and then Warwick Valley Rotary Club President Katie Hanson decide to blame Paul Burfeind.

Gibboni and Hanson accused Burfeind of giving MFI-Miami the picture of Convers that we posted.

However, we did not receive the picture from Burfeind. We received it from another rotary member. Sources at the time claim Gibboni began a smear campaign against Burfeind and led the charge to kick Burfeind out of Warwick Valley Rotary.

Gibboni accused Burfeind of all kinds of bizarre things. Gibboni’s bizarre accusations against Burfeind were just that, bizarre. How he conjured up his unfounded claims is unknown. It also appears Roger Gibboni’s claims were just bullshit to cover his ass. They also could have been the result of Roger inhaling too much industrial glue or soldering iron fumes at his amplifier shop.

Ironically, Hanson, Gibboni, and Sterling are no longer members of the Warwick Vallery Rotary Club. Sterling was told to take her toxic personality and GTFO. Gibboni moved to Massachusetts to escape Andrew Cuomo’s taxmen. Why he chose Taxachusetts, who knows. Pretty much everything that Roger Gibboni does defies decency, logic or common sense.

In another twist, Paul Burfeind was asked to return to the Warwick chapter in 2018 with the new board apologizing for the way he was treated. 

An Unhinged Roger Gibboni, Sr. Does An Encore Of His Bat-Shit Craziness 

Roger GibboniLast week, I get a call from Roger Gibboni, Sr. Apparently, Junior keeps getting turned down by prestigious law firms because of my articles about the ugliness of the Emily Convers incident in 2016.

Gibboni claimed that managing partners at these law firms were confusing Roger Junior with Roger Senior. Therefore, they refused to have someone who palled around with borderline Nazis as part of their team.

I refused to take the article down and I told him, “You should have thought about your family before you invited a borderline Nazi to the Rotary Club. Bad choices equal consequences.”

Roger Senior then tried to get tough and scary. He tried to claim he spoke to several lawyers.

These unnamed lawyers advised him he could sue me for defamation if I didn’t take the article down. I refused to take down the article. I told Gibboni I would only take it down with a court order from either a federal judge or a Florida judge. 

Gibboni lost it and began going ape-shit. He began screaming and calling me an asshole. 

Gibboni Is A Self-Entitled Suburban Cry Baby Trying To Act Tough

Roger Gibboni
Roger Gibboni is acting like a cry baby

What made Gibboni think he could intimidate me, who knows. It could be his sense of white suburban self-entitlement or he could just be a blowhard. Regardless, it was obvious he didn’t speak to any lawyers.

Like all these other buffoons from the Hudson Valley who have threatened to sue me. Gibboni is nothing more than a know-it-all Gavone who likes to run his mouth. 

There are a few problems with Roger’s threat of litigation that make it obvious he didn’t speak to a lawyer.

The first problem he faces is that he’s past the statute of limitations to sue me. New York has a one-year statute of limitations for defamation and libel. Florida, where MFI-Miami is located, and Massachusetts, where Gibboni is currently located, both have a two-year statute of limitations.

I’m no former rocket scientist like Gibboni but I do know how to count. It’s been over four years since the articles appeared.

Gibboni also hasn’t suffered monetary damages because of the article. Roger Junior may have. However, Junior wasn’t the person mentioned in the articles regarding the Warwick Valley Rotary. I’m no lawyer, but Gibboni Junior may have a cause of action against his father. 

Third and foremost, just because you don’t like something someone writes about you, it doesn’t make it libelous or defamation.

The truth is an undeniable defense.

MFI-Miami spoke to three people including Roger Gibboni (yes, Roger, I have emails from you) who were involved in the decision to invite Convers to speak at the Warwick Valley Rotary Club and to expel Paul Burfeind from the Rotary Club. 


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