Deadbeat Donald Trump Owes 14 Cities And Local Municipalities $2 Million For MAGA Rallies. 

It appears Deadbeat Donald Trump and his presidential campaign owes nearly $2 million to 14 U.S. cities. The fees and late fines are for unpaid police and public safety services for his MAGA rallies. Some of the unpaid fees and penalties also go back to the 2016 election. 

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) interviewed municipal officials and examined municipal records and statements. The records show that Trump’s campaign has not paid at least 14 municipalities more than $1.82 million. Municipalities claim the unpaid money was used to cover public safety and police costs related to the president’s MAGA rallies.

The Trump campaign’s largest unpaid bills were from El Paso and Minneapolis. Deadbeat Donald Trump owes El Paso a whopping $569,204 and Minneapolis a staggering $542,733. 

Politico is reporting that Trump is refusing to pay the bill from Minneapolis. He also accused Mayor Jacob Frey of overcharging the arena in downtown Minneapolis for services.

Trump also appears to have stiffed cities like Spokane, Tucson, Burlington, Eau Claire, and Green Bay. Trump owes these cities money for services for his 2016 rallies.

Spokane City Council Member told CPI:

Without this money, we cannot help our most vulnerable, and I guarantee we do not have enough money to prevent lives lost and homes lost.

Battle Creek City Manager Rebecca Fleury also told CPI Trump owes her city $93,000 from December 2019.

Deadbeat Donald Trump and his campaign pointed the finger at the Secret Service. They claim the billing should be directed to the Secret Service and not the campaign:

It is the U.S. Secret Service, not the campaign, which coordinates with local law enforcement. The campaign itself does not contract with local governments for police involvement. 

Deadbeat Donald Trump And His History Stiffing People

Trump stiffing people isn’t a new phenomenon. Deadbeat Donald Trump has also faced accusations that he didn’t pay his bills before becoming President.

The complaints from local governments echo decades of accusations that Trump stiffs people. Trump has also been dogged for decades by private contractors claiming he didn’t pay them or didn’t compensate them in full for their work.

Trump has been sued at least 60 times before becoming President. He also has more than 200 liens on his properties because Trump and his companies failed to pay various businesses and scores of employees for their work according to an investigation by USA Today in 2016. Trump is accused of stiffing bartenders, painters, real estate brokers, and others.


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