JPMorgan Chase Busted Being Involved In Stealth Partnership With Liberal Groups To Unseat President Trump

JPMorgan Chase BustedJPMorgan Chase busted running a clandestine operation to unseat President Trump and elect Joe Biden for President.

MFI-Miami has learned about the operation thanks to someone at JPMorgan Chase dropping the ball over a decade ago. In addition, JPMorgan Chase had sloppy recordkeeping during the early days of the financial crisis. As a result, this led us to where are today. 

Confused? Let me explain.

About 11 years ago, I had a client named Talisha who had two old WaMu mortgages with JPMorgan Chase. During the course of my investigation, I requested documents about her loan from JPMorgan Chase.

Somehow a low-level employee put my cell phone number on the file as Talisha’s primary contact number. In April 2009, I handed the report about the investigation to her attorney. Then the nightmare began. For 3 years, Chase bombarded me with phone calls asking for Talisha. At its peak in 2012, I was averaging eight phone calls a day from JPMorgan Chase.

The calls became so frequent I was averaging five phone calls a day and it became aggravating. I got fed up and wrote a blog threatening JPMorgan Chase. I threatened that I would make donations to NAMBLA in their Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s name if the calls didn’t stop. You can click on the link below to read the article.

The article got passed around the halls of JPMorgan Chase and on the internet. Within 24 hours, Chase finally stopped calling.

JPMorgan Chase Busted! How JPMorgan Chase Is Helping Liberal Groups Elect Joe Biden

JPMorgan Chase BustedSo after eight years, JPMorgan Chase and I moved on from the issue of Talisha and her file. Matter of fact, JPMorgan Chase employees and I still laugh about my article when I’m in Manhattan.

Out of the blue, I began getting texts and phone calls for “Talisha”  last month reminding her to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The calls and texts came from a plethora of liberal grassroots groups and local Democratic Party offices across Florida. So far I have received nearly 80 phone calls and texts from these groups in the past month asking to speak to Talisha. 

At first, I didn’t think anything of it. After all, there are a lot of women here in Florida with the name Talisha. I finally inquired who they were looking for on the tenth call.

Sure enough, they gave my former client’s last name. 

There is only one source that has my cell number attached to Talisha and that is JPMorgan Chase. So, how did these liberal groups get Talisha’s information from JPMorgan Chase? That’s a good question.

JPMorgan Chase either gave the information to the Democratic Party, MoveOn, or another liberal grassroots group. They in turn passed it around. The other possibility is the JPMorgan Chase sold the information to the DNC or a handful of other liberal groups and they in turn sold the information to groups who resold it. 

Check out this article:

Hey JPMorgan Chase, If You Keep Calling Me, NAMBLA Is Going to Love You

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