Soviet Era Breadlines Coming To America As 40 Million Americans Face Homelessness Due To Trump Housing Crisis

The Trump Housing Crisis has arrived. Just ask Timothy Young. Two days after the eviction moratorium in Maryland expired, Young and his family scrambled to move out of their duplex. They’d received their notice to vacate. 

Young told CNBC that he’s applied to more than 400 jobs over the last few months. Yet, nothing has panned out. As a result, he was months behind on his rent. 

Young and his wife Tammy spent a whole day trying to find a shelter that would take them. 

Eventually, they found one that would let Tammy and their two children spend the night. Young, the kitten and dog spent the night in a storage unit.

Young fears that the state will put his kids in foster care:

Our biggest concern is that we don’t want to lose our children. Will they take them because we have nowhere to go?

Unemployment levels remain at historic highs and cases of the virus show no sign of abating. Yet, statewide eviction moratoriums in more than 30 states have now lifted and protections for renters in the CARES Act are gone. 

The Trump Housing Crisis Has Arrived!

Trump Housing CrisisIn either Trump or GOP plan for a second stimulus package is there any mention of extending the pause on evictions or foreclosures.  

Worsening the situation is the fact that by July 31 some 25 million Americans will stop receiving the weekly $600 federal unemployment checksIn the end, up to 40 million Americans may lose their homes, four times the amount seen during the Great Recession. 

Emily Benfer, an eviction expert and a visiting professor of law at Wake Forest University stated:

The United States is facing the most severe housing crisis in history. Countless lives will be negatively altered solely because of the pandemic and economic recession. 

Benfer also stated that the United States needed a nationwide moratorium on evictions. 

Benfer pointed out that the White House and Congress are not offering meaningful emergency assistance:

Congress has offered the equivalent of a hand towel in a hurricane.

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