Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive And Wife File Idiotic Lawsuit Against AIME CEO For Defamation. They Deny Theresa Niemiec Ever Performed Oral Sex On CEO Of Quicken Loans Rival.

Crybaby Quicken Loans ExecutiveIt appears Dan Gilbert’s over-inflated ego is rubbing off on his senior cult members. It seems as if a crybaby Quicken Loans executive and his wife are upset because of a video posted by the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts CEO Anthony Casa.

In the July 2nd video, Casa claims Quicken Executive Vice President Austin Niemiec’s hairstylist wife, Theresa performed oral sex on United Wholesale Mortgage President & CEO Mat Ishbia while the two were students at Michigan State University.

United Wholesale Mortgage is a rival to Gilbert’s Quicken Loans. 

Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive And His Wife File Frivolous Lawsuit

Crybaby Quicken Loans ExecutiveTheresa Niemiec filed the frivolous suit in Oakland County Circuit Court on July 10th. You can read the lawsuit here.

She also alleges Casa also sent a second video that says:

Classy my friend. I’m ready to f*** you up. Guess what, I got one more surprise for you, one big one. It’s a really big one. And it’s not Bob Walters’ d*** in your mouth. It’s me f***ing you up in the fourth quarter. I’m coming motherf***er.

The lawsuit includes screenshots of a text chain Casa sent to Mr. Niemiec and others. PRMG Chief Lending Officer Kevin Peranio and Mount Diablo Lending CEO Ramon Walker also received the videos and texts. 

Crybaby Quicken Loans ExecutiveThe lawsuit also states Walker responded by saying:

That had to be the funniest text train I think I’ve ever seen. This motherf***** Casa says, `Beautiful house, beautiful wife, she sucked Ish’s d***.’ [laughs] I dropped my f***ing phone. You are a fool. That is awesome, so awesome. I gotta toast. I gotta 1942 toast to this sh**. You motherf****** are amazing. I love you guys.

Casa’s texts said:

I’ll do that no lip kisses, that is Ishbia’s d*** on her breath.

The Niemiecs claims that both Peranio and Walker recorded video clips of each of them viewing and reacting to the video clips and text messages. 

The Niemiecs also claim Casa then sent it to Austin Niemiec and others. Theresa Niemiec alleges Casa sent them to “various friends, acquaintances, and family members of Theresa Niemiec.

Can Theresa Niemiec Show $50,000 In Damages?

crybaby quicken loans executiveTheresa Niemiec claims she demanded a retraction from Casa through her attorney on July 6. Casa being a New Jersey wise-ass mockingly responded via a text to her husband. that he would see him soon. He also mockingly asked how his wife was and used multiple emojis in the text representing sexual organs.

The Niemiecs then hired the high powered Detroit law firm of Morganroth & Morganroth. Morganroth & Morganroth are infamous for filing frivolous and idiotic lawsuits on behalf of any Detroit area scumbag with deep pockets. 

It’s apparent Austin Niemiec paid the $10,000 to 15,000 upfront retainer Morganroth & Morganroth usually demands.

Theresa Niemiec’s strip mall hair salon in White Lake, MI obviously doesn’t bring in the kind of dough that she would need to afford Morganroth & Morganroth.

It’s also highly unlikely if she can prove monetary damages. In my opinion, this looks like a PR stunt to save her fledgling hair salon.

Although Theresa Niemiec denies she engaged in sexual congress with Mat Ishbia, what if Ishbia says they did? Then it becomes a “he said/she said” debate. Thus, it becomes the kind of case that judges hate. 

If I was Casa, I would fight it. I would have the case moved to New Jersey claiming diversity of citizenship or that the Niemiecs filed in the wrong venue since the videos appear to have been made in New Jersey.

The Niemiecs are seeking a full retraction via video to each of the recipients of the earlier videos. She is seeking $50,000 in damages, attorney fees, and further “relief.”

Casa Apologizes To Butt Hurt Crybaby Quicken Loans Executive 

Casa published an eight-minute video on his Facebook page Sunday. He admits he made a “big mistake” and “an error in judgment.” He says he is a “passionate person” who “at times finds myself being too vested” in his support of mortgage brokers.

Casa said he was responding to a message from Mr. Niemiec that included a picture with his wife as they celebrated a record month at Quicken.

I said some really inappropriate, lewd comments. Things I should have never said, things I don’t believe. Things that are inappropriate and hurtful. I am beyond sorry to everyone for making those comments. The truth of the matter is in the moment I lost all sense of reality.

In the video, Casa never specifically retracted his comments.

All of the comments on Casa’s post are supportive of Casa. 


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