FLORIDA COVID19 UPDATE: State To Tap $250 From CARES Act To Create Mortgage And Rental Assistance Fund

Florida COVID19The ongoing Florida COVID19 pandemic has forced the state of Florida to create a rental and mortgage assistance fund. The state will create the fund from $250 million the state received from the federal CARES Act. 

Governor DeSantis made the announcement last week.

DeSantis issued an executive order putting a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures in April. The moratorium is expected to end on Wednesday. The executive order gave homeowners and renters time in their homes if they can’t make their mortgage or rent payments due to the pandemic. However, it did not provide financial relief to renters and homeowners. As a result, Florida landlords were already lining up to evict people on July 1st before Memorial Day. 

The Florida Housing Finance Corporation will administer a $120 million funding pool of $250 million. The fund will give short-term rental assistance for Covid-19 impacted households. However, funds are only available to those who live in FHFC’s portfolio.

Qualified renters would be able to tap the fund for rent between July and December, and may be able to secure assistance for payments that were due in April through June.

A separate $120 million fund will be for rental and homeowner assistance programs, including for new construction, rehabilitation, mortgage buydowns, down payment and closing cost assistance, emergency repairs, and financial assistance

d homeownership counseling for individuals impacted by the pandemic.

The Florida Housing Finance Corporation will set aside for operating costs of the assistance programs. FHFC will also set aside $200,000 for technical assistance to local municipalities.

Some cities within South Florida have rolled out similar programs, such as the city of Miami and Miami Beach. Miami Beach created a $550,000 rent relief fund in May, using state and federal money from three programs, including the CARE Act.

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(2) Comments

  • Rhonda Lowry McEntire 9:20:26 am June 29, 2020

    The state of Florida Dept of Children and Families gave my tenant the money. My tenant absconded with it. I got stuck broke and unable to meet my debts. I was the stupid landlord that fell for this. A whole year of covering my tenant and I am screwed. Apparently, once this happens there is no recourse.

  • Stephen Dibert 9:20:26 am June 29, 2020

    I would report them to the FL Department of Children and Families or seek legal representation (I am not a lawyer) and sue the tenants to get the back owed rent. You may not get all the money but it will cause all kinds of problems for your former deadbeat tenants in the future.

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