FACEBOOK ALERT! Major California Real Estate Broker Severs Ties With Facebook Over Zuckerberg’s Refusal To Reign In Racism 

Facebook AlertIt appears this won’t be the last Facebook Alert I post. It seems as if more companies and individuals are walking away from marketing on Facebook. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who is having issues with Facebook. 

California real estate brokerage, Ashby & Graff Real Estate has severed with Facebook. The California brokerage had been spending over $1 million a month on Facebook. In addition, Ashby & Graff deleted its entire presence on Facebook.

The brokerage released a statement in response to the death of George Floyd. The statement stated:

The inequity in housing is but a sliver of the injustices facing minorities in our country, but it is emblematic of the long-lasting impact of programs that were specifically designed to keep a group of people enslaved.

Ashby & Graff’s CEO John Graff also stated Facebook principles didn’t align with his company’s values:

It was really years worth of actions by the social media company that forced us into this position of considering how we’re participating in such a problematic platform.

Graff wants to ensure his company acts as a responsible corporate citizen. Especially given the industry’s historical role in racist housing policies.

Graff also continued to say that his move wasn’t based on politics:

I don’t think that demanding the truth about the holocaust is political and demanding black lives be treated with the same respect as white lives is political. Also, I don’t think that insisting that publishers treat facts as facts are political. These are just things that we hope to be self-evident. I don’t think it’s taking a political stand. It’s just standing up for what should be basic human values.

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