Are Restuarant Owners Trying To Cash In On A National Crisis By Charging Patrons A Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge?

Restaurant COVID-19 SurchargeGood news! Restaurants in most of the United States are starting to reopen for dining patrons. This is good news for budget-minded people who don’t like to cook. People paying 20-30% more for delivery through Grub Hub and Door Dash and add up especially if you haven’t received a paycheck for over a month. However, restaurants are now adding a Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge on all their orders. Thus, adding to the stealth inflation that will cripple the economy when the crisis is over.

Around the US, restaurant patrons are seeing a restaurant COVID-19 surcharge on their food orders. These surcharges range anywhere from a dollar to $5.00 depending on the restaurant. 

Restaurant patrons are hopping mad and have expressed their anger on social media. One user wrote:

If I ever see this on a bill I wld not pay it. I’m tryin to recoup too. Who am I suppose to bill ??? Is this evn legal ?

Kiko Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Lounge owner Billy Yuzar told Fox News he decided to add the surcharge to offset the rising costs of food from his suppliers instead of raising prices on his menu across the board. He also stated that he has not received complaints from paying customers over the surcharge.

Kiko’s Steakhouse posted a message on Facebook defending the charge and stressing it would only be temporary.

Yuzar also stated:

We are not trying to hide this surcharge. We choose this option rather than changing our prices on our menu. This way we can adjust the surcharge weekly. the restaurant wrote. Please understand we can’t control the rising cost of meat, seafood, poultry & produce prices.

Consumers Are Paying More For Everything Above The Restaurant COVID-19 Surcharge 

Restaurants aren’t the only ones charging a surcharge or raising prices. Other businesses are raising prices or charging surcharges.

A dentist’s office in Jacksonville, Florida reportedly started charging a $10 per appointment fee for personal protective equipment.

Hair salons in Texas have also started adding a $3 sanitation charge according to KTRKTV in Houston.

Plus, the price of food has increased between 15% to 30% in the past month and that’s just at the grocery store. Fast food prices have also increased by almost 40%. 

Businesses charging surcharges claim they are only temporary. But are they?



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