COVID-19 Spawns Pandemic Of Degenerate Landlords Offering Women Free Rent For Sex

degenerate landlords
Pervert Long Island landlord “Eddie” trying to explain to Inside Edition Producer Alycia Powers why he is not a degenerate.

The Covid-19 pandemic has spawned an army of degenerate landlords offering free rent for sex. It seems these perverts believe landlord-tenant porn they see on PornHub is real.

Inside Edition busted Long Island landlord “Eddie” offering free rent in exchange for sexual favors from tenants. Producers found a post “Eddie” posted on Craigslist in a titled “Room Share for Submissive Female.”

Eddie wrote:

During these hard times, Covid-19 has thrown many in a tailspin. If you are a submissive female and wanting to barter session/playtime once per week in lieu of rent we should talk.

Inside Edition Producer Alycia Powers responded to the ad. Eddie reportedly told her he wanted to try out the arrangement first and suggested they meet at a local Days Inn in Long Island. 

Powers told the Daily Mail:

He says to wear my hair down, no jewelry, and minimal makeup. And then meet him in the room, undress and put on a pair of stilettos he got me.

Powers arrived to learn that Eddie had already checked in and asked her to meet him in his room. Unbeknownst to Eddie, Powers brought a video crew.

Powers convinced Eddie to instead meet her in the parking lot. Consequently, Eddie was met by a camera crew and a reporter. The reporter started asking probing questions about his Craigslist ad.  

Eddie told producers he wasn’t trying to take advantage of women affected by the pandemic.

Eddie tried to excuse his perverted behavior before he fled away:

No. She had the choice, you know… to take up on the offer. No, I never said sex.

Pandemic Of Degenerate Landlords Has Spread Outside New York

degenerate landlordsNew York seems to be the epicenter of degenerate landlords looking for kinky sex with tenants. Unfortunately, these pervert landlords seem to be everywhere. Even 5,000 miles away in Hawaii.

One Hawaiian woman was unable to pay her April rent after losing her income due to the coronavirus crisis. She texted a prospective landlord who responded with a dick pic.

Another newly unemployed woman said she asked her landlord if she could defer her April rent once she had work again. He replied by telling her she could come over and spoon him instead.

These are just two of the 10 complaints of sexual harassment by landlords filed with the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

Executive Director Khara Jabola-Carolus told Buzzfeed:

We’ve received more cases at our office in the last two days than we have in the last two years.

Open Communities Legal Director Sheryl Ring also told Buzzfeed that her organization has seen a threefold increase in sexual harassment complaints related to housing in the last month:

Since this started, they [landlords] have been taking advantage of the financial hardships many of their tenants have in order to coerce their tenants into a sex-for-rent agreement — which is absolutely illegal.

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