Your Neighborhood Drug Dealer And Pimp Are Getting Free Money From The Trump Coronavirus Stimulus Package 

Trump Coronavirus Stimulus PackageYour neighborhood drug dealer and pimp are happier than a Green Beret with a chokehold on an Arab terrorist. Why? The hastily put together Trump Coronavirus Stimulus Package is giving them up to $3,000.

That’s right. You’re not the only one getting free money from Trump. The guy down the street you tell your teenage daughter to stay away from is getting one too.

Trust me, he’s going to use it to get her hooked on crack or heroin and profit from pimping her out. I know, I’ve seen it happen down here in South Florida. 

Most drug dealers live in FHA Section 8 housing or have low-cost CRA or FHA mortgages. This means they need to file tax returns every year to qualify for benefits. Thus, like most eligible Americans, they qualify for a stimulus check. $3,000 buys a lot of crack, meth, and opiates on the wholesale market especially here in South Florida. This also means that drug dealers are going to turn that $3,000 of free money into $30,000 or more!

This also means you can expect to see more stoned out panhandlers and junkie prostitutes in your neighborhood this summer. All thanks to the Trump Administration and the GOP who rushed the Trump Coronvirus Stimulus Package through congress.

You’re probably thinking, Steve, you’re yankin’ my chain.

Well, actually no, I am not. These scum bags pay taxes. As a result, they have every right to their Trump Coronavirus Stimulus Package check as you do.  However, if they owe child support to one or more of their baby mamas then the money goes to the baby mama. 

Yet, most baby mamas to drug dealers are still using or selling for the baby daddy drug dealer. Thus, the money goes back into the hands of the drug dealer. 

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