Adee Motors, LLC d/b/a Middletown Honda Busted By New York AG For Ripping Off 174 Customers In 2015

Middletown Honda Busted“Middletown Honda Busted Ripping Off 174 Customers” should have been the headline of a press release from former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in 2015.

Schneiderman busted Adee Motors, LLC d/b/a Middletown Honda in 2015. The dealership charged customers who leased vehicles an undisclosed $500 “processing fee” when they bought their vehicles at the end of their leases. In addition, no additional services were provided for the payment of this fee.

You remember, MFI-Miami wrote an article about Middletown Honda a few weeks ago. The article detailed how Middletown Honda cost a New York woman $1000 due to their screw up. She and her husband started a website exposing a pattern of fraud at Middletown Honda.

Former New York AG Schneiderman said at the time:

Any New York business that utilizes abusive practices to deceive consumers or create an unfair marketplace will be held accountable. In this case, Middletown Honda will be expected to pay back every victim of its fraud, with interest. I encourage all others who were possibly overcharged by this auto dealer to contact my office and claim their refund.

Middletown Honda entered into leases with customers from 2011 to 2014. The lease agreements set a price at which the customer could buy the vehicle at the end of the lease. However, Middletown Honda added $500 to the price of the vehicle without disclosing they had done so.

The Attorney General’s investigation revealed that Middletown Honda had ripped off 174 consumers. Middletown Honda will refund customers the $500 with interest from the date of their purchase.

The court settlement states Middletown Honda will repay a total of $87,000 to 174 customers. The dealership has also promised to reform its practices and pay $48,000 in penalties to the State. 

Middletown Honda owner Denise Gellis and Middletown General Manager Stu Berkley did not respond to inquiries.

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