White Michigan Democrats Fuel The Perception They Don’t Care About Black People In Detroit

Michigan Democrats
Does Democratic House Minority Leader Christine Greig Expect Black House Members Act Like Hired Help?

I find what is going on with today’s Michigan Democrats very disturbing. It’s bad and it could lead to rifts that will damage the Michigan Democratic Party for generations. 

I’m talking about the drama playing out around State Representative Karen Whitsett in Detroit. 

The pandemic also shows most white suburban Democrats like House Minority Leader Christine Greig are filled with a sense of white entitlement. I normally call it Disney Princess Syndrome. However, in this case, Scarlett O’Hara Syndrome is more appropriate.

The pandemic also shows white Democrats in Lansing and in the Detroit suburbs only want elected black officials to speak when spoken to. Democratic leadership in the legislature expect Black politicians to act like they are the hired help. White Democrats also assume black people can be dictated to like children which is worse. 

This behavior by Democratic Party leadership only re-enforces the rhetoric of influential and outspoken Black conservative pundits like Candace Owens. 

White Democrats better wake up. The day has passed where Democrats can assume the majority of Black America will blindly follow the Democratic Party leadership. 

Michigan Democrats need to start earning the vote of Black Detroiters.

The GOP is working on it. They have made tremendous strides in the past decade. How? By going out into black communities and asking questions.

Covid-19 Hits The Black Communities Across America Hard!

Michigan Democrats
The Covid-19 Pandemic Has Hit Detroit Hard!

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit southeast Michigan hard. Covid-19 hit Black Detroiters even harder. Three members of the Michigan Legislature from Detroit contracted with one dying.

Karen Whitsett was one of the three who contracted the virus. To make matters worse, most Black Detroiters have been turned away from hospitals. 

Three hospitals turned Karen Whitsett away. She got fed up at the fourth hospital and whipped out her State Legislature ID.

As a result, she got the attention of several hospital administrators on duty. Consequently, everyone snapped to attention and offered her first-class treatment. 

While meeting with the doctor, Whitsett suggested the doctor prescribe her the controversial drug, Hydroxychloroquine after hearing President Trump suggest it in a COVID-19 briefing. Hydroxychloroquine is normally used to treat malaria and Lyme Disease. 

Whitsett had taken it prior to becoming an elected official for her Lyme Disease. Within 2-3 hours, she began feeling better.

She made a public statement simply thanking the President for suggesting it. President Trump responded with several tweets. 

Mrs. Whitsett Goes To Washington

Trump aides invited Karen and her husband to the White House with other COVID-19 survivors to meet with Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. Representative Whitsett told her story. She used her 15 minutes of fame to get desperate help for the people of Detroit. Trump and Pence gave it to her. 

President Trump and Vice-President Pence gave her a guarantee that ventilators, masks, and FEMA money for Detroit would be arriving as soon as possible. It turns out the relief was a victim of partisan rhetoric between Governor Whitmer and Trump. 

Representative Whitsett came home and all hell broke loose. The governor’s office and the Michigan Democratic Party leaders were furious. 

COVID-19 Pandemic Re-Enforces The Belief Michigan Democrats Don’t Give A Rat’s Ass About Detroit

To say Michigan Democrats weren’t happy about Karen Whitsett going to White House would be an understatement. Michigan House Minority Leader Christine Greig stripped Whitsett of her House communications staff and budget as a punishment. 

Whitsett also publicly accused Greig of not giving a damn about black people in Detroit. Most elected white Democrats from suburbs like Christine Greig don’t care about Black people. 

All Karen Whitsett did was reach across the aisle and say thank you to the President of the United States. For this, Michigan Democrats lost their minds and went bat-shit crazy. Greig and Whitmer began going all Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest. 

13th District Democratic Congressional Committee Chair Kowtows To Governor Whitmer

michigan democrats
13th District Congressional Democratic Committee Chair Jonathan Kinloch

Last week Whitsett got a call from 13th District Congressional Democratic Committee Chair Jonathan Kinloch demanding she attend a candidate screening.

Yes, Kinloch and the executive committee decided to hold a candidate screening while thousands of Black people in Detroit are dying from Covid-19.

It shows you where his misguided priorities are. 

However, the screening was a ruse. It was a meeting to dress Whitsett down, tell her to shut the fuck up, and demand she tow the party line. 

He told the Detroit News:

They (elected officials) do not belong to themselves. They belong to the Democratic Party.

Kinloch also alleged Whitsett misrepresented, “the needs and priorities of Democratic leadership.”

Take a moment and let that sink in. He said: “the needs and priorities of Democratic leadership.”

In other words, fuck the needs of the people of Detroit. The Party is more important. 

Whitsett refused to attend the meeting. She knew it was all petty BS. Besides, she was busy making sure seniors in her district weren’t starving and freezing to death 

Apparently, Kinloch is not used to having his authority challenged by a woman. He called an emergency meeting of the executive committee to censure Whitsett. 

Whitsett will be barred from 13th District events and meetings. They will also not endorse her in November or while she is an elected official for election cycles of 2022 and 2024. That is also assuming she wins re-election in November. 

Black people in Detroit are dying and Kinloch is more interested in being Governor Whitmer’s errand boy. S

Who Is Jonathan Kinloch?

michigan democrats
13th District Congressional Chair Jonathan Kinloch is nothing more than a political ass kisser.

13th District Congressional Chair Jonathan Kinloch is a former aide to Governor Whitmer and been active in the MDP for nearly 30 years.

His resume shows he is nothing more than a political ass kisser and suck up going back to when he worked for late Michigan Senator Jack Faxon. 

Faxon was known for prancing around on stage in the Detroit Opera Company’s performances of Die Fledermaus in the 1980s.

Faxon was also infamous for having his taxpayer-funded Senate staff camp out at his house during Yom Kippur.

Faxon’s staff including Kinloch were tasked with turning his lights on and off and to change the channels on his TV when he was done watching Matlock or Masterpiece Theater on PBS. 

Kinloch has also worked on the taxpayer dime most of his adult life including working for Governor Whitmer.

Mostly as a political appointee by white Democrats who needed a token African-American on a committee or a public board.

Was Kinloch qualified for the jobs he had on the Detroit Water Commission, the Wayne County Economic Development Corporation, or the Wayne County Port Authority? It doesn’t appear he was qualified but this is Detroit. Home of nepotism and cronyism. Detroit is also a poor man’s Hollywood. It’s not what you know but who you know. 

Kinloch also has a history of violence against women. In 2017, he was charged with physically assaulting Democratic Party Precinct Delegate Marie Thornton. Kinloch’s history of violence against women is a story by itself. I’ll write more about that later.

Most Elected Michigan Democrats Are Lazy. They Can Also Be Catty And Petty

michigan democrats
Most elected Democrats in Lansing are lazy and catty.

Elected Democrats in Michigan like being in the minority and it shows. Besides, it makes for an easy excuse for members of the Democratic caucus to suck a $102,000 a year paycheck from taxpayers for doing essentially nothing.

I cannot count how many times I have heard Democratic members of the Legislature whine and complain, “The Republicans won’t work with us, the Republicans won’t let me speak.” and a plethora of other excuses.  

Yet, Karen Whitsett and the Hertel brothers (Senator Curtis Hertel and Representative Kevin Hertel) seem to get things done in the legislature. 

All three bust their asses for their constituents. They also manage to get things through the GOP controlled legislature.

Whitsett managed to get auto insurance reform passed within the first 6 months in office as a freshman. How? She figured out a way to make it happen by cutting deals with GOP leadership. 

Karen Whitsett also managed to receive redevelopment grants for her district from companies like Quicken Loans. Has Christine Greig? Last time I drove through Farmington/Farmington Hills, I saw empty storefronts and crumbling infrastructure.

Whitsett is also helping her constituents affected by Covid-19 receive unemployment benefits and making sure they have food. What is Christine Greig doing? She probably sitting in her $600,000 Farmington Hills McMansion lounging in her hot tub gossiping about Karen Whitsett with the governor.

While dealing with MDP pettiness and fighting Covid-19, Karen Whitsett also managed to raise nearly $500,000 for the most vulnerable people in her district. 

In other words, Karen Whitsett is doing a fantastic job as a State Representative. Whitsett is also getting things done in a difficult time. The Governor and Christine Greig don’t like it because it makes them look lazy and ineffective.

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