MFI-Miami Has Busted Select Portfolio Servicing Selling Personal Homeowner Information To Shady Lenders

select portfolio servicing sellingMFI-Miami has busted another mortgage servicer selling your private information to shady entities. This time, we have busted Select Portfolio Servicing selling homeowner’s private loan information to shady predatory lenders peddling personal loans.

The discovery happened by accident like it did last year when we busted Caliber Home Loans for doing the same thing. However, the good news is this company is not run by a kiddie porn peddler and peeping tom.

Last week, we received a solicitation letter offering our client, “Keith” a personal loan of $67,000. The letter was from American Direct Financial in California.

Although, you had to look closely at the disclaimer on the bottom of the fake check for $67,000 they attached in order to figure out the letter came from American Direct Financial.

Keith is a foreclosure client of MFI-Miami and we receive mortgage statements and other documents from SPS. That is how we know SPS sold the information. The solicitation letter probably would have ended in the trash had it actually gone to Keith’s house.

Unfortunately, for American Direct Financial, it ended up in my mailbox. The cryptic solicitation letter enticed me to dig for information about them. So now I get to write about their scam. Sucks to be them. They should have done more due diligence.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”SPS Solicitation Letter”]

Who Is American Direct Financial And Why Is Select Portfolio Servicing Selling Them your Information?

The first step in any investigation is Google. So I googled American Direct Financial. I found a link to their website,

They do say they are located in Orange County, California but do not post a physical address on their site.

Google My Business and the BBB say they are located at 1560 Brookhollow Drive, #220, Santa Ana, California. The Better Business Bureau states the company was started in June 2018. They also list Jared Doran Katz as the owner of the business. 

The BBB also gives the company an A rating. This in itself is extremely odd considering American Direct Financial is not registered as California corporation or LLC in Sacramento. 

The About Us page from their website says:

American Direct Financial works with many lenders nationwide finding the right loan for your situation. With our friendly staff, we have helped thousands of people resolve their financial struggles and get back on the path towards financial freedom.

I smelled horse shit. Their BBB listing shows that they have only existed since June of 2018.

So I googled 1560 Brookhollow Drive, #220, Santa Ana, California.

Two other corporate entities show up. The first listing is Unified Document Services. United Document Services claims they are a student loan debt forgiveness company. The company is owned by Micah Katz. Unfortunately, that website has been taken down and no other information is available. Micah Katz appears to be related to Jared Katz.

Credit Needs Debt Relief is the third entity located at the address and it also appears to be operated by Jared Katz. Katz lists the principal place of business Credit Needs Debt Relief as being Nevada according to the California Secretary of State.


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