Hasidic Bank Robber With Fake Bomb Finally Busted For String Of Bank Robberies Throughout The Hudson Valley 

Hasidic bank robberLaw enforcement teams from the FBI and New York State have finally captured the mysteriously brazen Hasidic bank robber. Yosef Ziegler robbed four banks in Rockland, Dutchess and Bergen counties of $233,000 in all. He would walk into a bank and proclaim he had a bomb. Police state Zeigler also pointed to what appeared to be a weapon during several robberies.

Law enforcement captured the 29-Year-Old Ziegler at his home in Airmont right before Thanksgiving.

Ziegler had robbed four banks in the two states.  The USAO says that the largest haul was $105,000 from a bank in Fishkill, New York.

Federal authorities allege the Hasidic Bank Robber of:

  •  taking $76,000 in cash from a Chase branch in the Pacesetter Park Shopping Center in Pomona on January 24th. Zeigler announcing that he had a bomb and displayed a cylindrical device attached to wires. He then demanded that employees empty the bank’s vault”;
  •  robbing an Oritani Bank branch on Kinderkamack Road in Park Ridge of $30,150 on April 17th. Again, he claimed he had a bomb and directing employees to empty the vault;
  • taking $22,500 from the Trustco Bank in Wappingers Falls on June 25th. Again, he announced that he had a bomb and showed a device in his hand attached to wires that connected to his belt.  Afterward, he ordered employees to empty the vault and teller drawers;
  • robbing another Trutsco branch in Fishkill of $105,000 on October 29th by wielding what appeared to be a firearm. Zeigler also pointed the gun at employees while demanding that they empty the bank’s vault.

If convicted, Ziegler could face up to 25 years in federal prison.

In the Park Ridge holdup, Ziegler allegedly wore a bicycle helmet with a baseball cap underneath, a gray sweatshirt, black gloves, and glasses. The former Brooklyn resident was also carrying a blue bag that he claimed contained a bomb, authorities said.

In the Jan. 24th Pomona robbery, the robber wore a blue vest with a hood over his head. He also wore a partial ski mask, red face paint and dark clothing.

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