Carrington Mortgage Services Warning! Can Carrington Mortgage Validate Your Mortgage Debt? Probably Not!

fay servicing warningSteve Dibert, CEO of internationally-renowned mortgage fraud investigation firm MFI-Miami, announced today that MFI-Miami has discovered serious flaws in the way Carrington Mortgage Services validates debt owed by homeowners. As a result, MFI-Miami has issued a Fay Mortgage Services Warning to homeowners. 

MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert:

Homeowners need to request their complete mortgage transaction histories from Carrington Mortgage Services and review them. If there is missing information or if something doesn’t look right, they need to contact a lawyer or a properly trained mortgage fraud expert immediately!

MFI-Miami has examined nearly 50 transaction histories from mortgage loans currently serviced by Carrington since 2015. Nearly 30 of these contained serious accounting flaws in the transaction histories. These flaws would call into question the amount homeowners owe on their mortgages. Additionally, MFI-Miami’s team of Forensic CPAs has described Carrington’s transaction histories as a trainwreck.

fay servicing warningThese flaws also include 5-year and 10-year gaps in the transaction histories. They also include conflicting payoff figures on payoffs dated the same day. As well as transaction histories with fictitious and inflated payments made to local taxing authorities.

Steve Dibert also said:

There is a definite pattern of impropriety going on here. I find it odd that one of the largest mortgage servicers in the US can’t do the basic 5th-grade math required to calculate an accurate payoff on a mortgage. 

You may remember when MFI-Miami fought Carrington when they tried to illegally foreclose on Korean War hero Bob Chalice. 

MFI-Miami also stopped Carrington and their lawyers from Orlans Associates from foreclosing on mentally disabled Detroit homeowner Terry Jones in 2013.





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