Police Arrest Pennsylvania Couple After Spending $120,000 BB&T Bank Accidently Deposited In Their Account

bankA Pennsylvania couple has learned Finders Keepers v. Losers Weepers is not a valid criminal defense. Nor is it even a real court case. The couple is facing prison after they spent $120,000 that BB&T Bank placed in their account. 

Pennsylvania state police say Robert and Tiffany Williams accidentally had $120,000 deposited into their account at BB&T on May 31st. after a teller made a mistake.

However, Williams never contacted the bank about the deposit. Instead, the couple allegedly spent most of the money on a Kardashian style shopping spree. All in two and a half weeks, between June 3 through June 19.

The couple blew through their windfall on things like a new SUV and four-wheel off-road vehicles. They also bought a race car and a camper. 

Police also say the Williams also used the money on bills, car repairs and even gave $15,000 to friends in need of money.

BB&T soon realized its mistake and transferred the money to the right account. The bank contacted the Williamses and said the couple would have to repay $107,000.

Neighbors were stunned. Neighbor Nate Weaver told WNEP:

That is kind of shocking, with all the procedures the banks have set up, checking and double-checking and triple-checking. There`s no way anybody gets away with that stuff.

BB&T Bank contacted Williamses on June 20th. They informed them that they had to pay back the $107,000.

On June 21, the bank called again.

Tiffany said she and her husband agreed to work out a payment plan. However, they soon broke off contact.

Court papers indicate the couple had no contact with bank representatives despite several attempts by BB&T to reach them.

The couple is now facing felony theft charges.

The court released Robert and Tiffany Williams on $25,000 bail.

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