Sequoia Mortgage Capital CEO Jason Freskos Arrested In California Over Allegations Of 1st Degree Sexual Assault

Sequoia Mortgage Capital
Mugshot of Sequoia Mortgage Capital CEO Jason Freskos

California police in Marin County have arrested Sequoia Mortgage Capital CEO Jason Freskos. Authorities are holding Freskos on behalf of Hawaiian law enforcement and will be extraditing him soon.

Hawaiian grand jury accuses Freskos of sexual assault in an incident that happened earlier this month.

Hawaiian authorities in Kauai are charging Freskos with sexual assault in the first degree. A court in Hawaii issued a $100,000 bench warrant for Freskos’ arrest.

News outlets in Hawaii state that California authorities have taken Freskos into custody for extradition to Hawaii.

Details on the case are sparse. However, prosecutors allege that Freskos “did knowingly subject (the alleged victim) to an act of sexual penetration by strong compulsion.”

Hawaii Revised Statutes 707-730 defines 1st Degree Sexual Assault:

Knowingly subjecting:

  • Another person to sexual penetration by strong compulsion
  • A mentally defective person to sexual penetration, or
  • A person who is mentally incapacitated or physically helpless due to the influence of a substance that the offender knowingly administered without the victim’s consent to sexual penetration

Who Is Sequoia Mortgage Capital CEO Jason Freskos?

Sequoia Mortgage Capital is a private money lender that lends for both residential and commercial projects. The company also offers “hard money loans” that conventional lenders won’t touch.

Sequoia Mortgage Capital’s website states Freskos is the president and CEO of the company. He also founded the company.

Sequoia Mortgage Capital claims Freskos is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the company:

As President and CEO of Sequoia Mortgage Capital, Mr. Freskos is responsible for the daily operations of the firm and is also instrumental in driving the strategic initiatives of the company.

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