The Owners Of The 5,600-Square-Foot Tony Soprano House Have Set A Starting Price Of $3.4 Million

Tony SopranoThe house in Caldwell, New Jersey used as the home of fictional mobster Tony Soprano is on the market.  

Patti and Victor Recchia have owned the roughly 5,600-square-foot home for 32-years. They have listed the house at a “starting price” of $3.4 million.

The house includes the main house with four bedrooms and four full bathrooms and a powder room. In addition, it also has two two-car garages and a detached one-bedroom guesthouse. The property taxes are $34,005 a year.

The price is ambitious. Homes in the neighborhood have sold for between $1.5 million and $2 million according to Zillow. Mr. Recchia built the house through his construction company said the value exceeds the brick and mortar.

Victor Recchia told the New York Times:

Those things can be quantified but I don’t think you can quantify the intrinsic value of this home.

The house was both a frequent filming location and the inspiration for a meticulous replica of the interiors at Silvercup Studios in Queens, N.Y.

 The home of fictional mobster Tony Soprano also attracts some die-hard fans. Victor Recchia told the New York Times:

They’ll pull up in like a limo or something, get out in a robe, and pick up a newspaper.

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