New York Teacher And Part-Time Drug Dealer Roughs Up Student Who Owed Him Money For Drugs

New York TeacherA New York teacher recruited a student to help him score $4,000 worth of illegal drugs. The New York science teacher beat the teen senseless when he found out the kid pocketed the cash.

Kevin Pope also stole the teen’s iPhone and wallet and threatened to brutally rape his mother if he didn’t get his money back.

Pope allegedly told the student after pummeling him like a capo in The Sopranos:

I want my money in a month! I will kill you if I don’t get my money!

Police have charged the science teacher with assault and robbery in the attack at the school.

Pope had asked students around the school back in June if they knew a drug dealer. The students put him in touch with the teen. The teen promised he could score a large stash of drugs from his contact in Manhattan.

Sources say Pope gave the kid $4,000 for the hefty purchase.

The teen told cops he met the dealer near Central Park. The dealer told the teen that the price of the drugs would cost $7,000

The student then blew off the transaction and spent the money.

Kevin Pope found the teen when school resumed three months later. Consequently, he demanded the teen return the money. The student informed Pope the money was gone.

As a result, Pope allegedly socked him in the face multiple times and took his iPhone 6. The teacher also took the teen’s wallet containing his school ID and two MetroCards.

A source said that Pope also threatened to have him beat up again and have his mother sexually ­assaulted.

The student needed three surgical staples to close gashes in the back of his head.

The student attends Pope’s school, but it’s unclear if the teen was in that teacher’s class.

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