Ohio Man Steals $166,000 From Non-Verbal Blind Mother With Dementia To Buy Sex Dolls And Kiddie Porn

ohio manA 59-year-old Ohio man named Shaun Joseph reportedly admitted to police that he stole $166,000 from his mother. Mrs. Joseph was a non-verbal blind dementia victim.

He used the money to buy sex dolls and lingerie. He also purchased cell phones and a computer for watching kiddie porn.

Dayton police were granted a search warrant to search the home of Shaun Joseph. Police found five silicone dolls with multiple heads and wigs. They also found one box of unopened lingerie and sex toys. 

Police also found two laptop computers, a desktop computer, a television, and three cellphones.

Prosecutors indicted Joseph on two counts of theft from an elderly person above $37,500. Joseph facing four charging involving kiddie porn. Two of those counts involve the illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. Prosecutors are also charging him with two counts pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

The Dayton Daily News reports Joseph told investigators his mother gave him permission to use her credit cards before she started, “going south medically.”

He allegedly conceded to officers that his purchases may have been “beyond the scope of what she would have permitted.”

Computers in Joseph’s home contained multiple videos of child pornography according to the report.

Prosecutors also say Joseph used his mother’s credit cards and bank accounts for “Cam/Web Girls” websites. Much of Joseph’s perverted paraphernalia was ordered through Amazon using his mother’s credit card.

He is free on bond while awaiting a trial date in Montgomery County.

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