New York Man Found Tied Up In His Truck Faked His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Paying Super Bowl Bets

New York ManA New York man found tied up in his pickup truck allegedly faked his own abduction. Police believe Robert Brandell didn’t have the funds to pay off $50,000 he owed in a Super Bowl pool.

New York State troopers responded to reports of a male restrained inside a vehicle at a parking lot 30 miles outside of Buffalo. Police arrived on the scene and discovered Robert Brandel in the back seat. Brandel was found tied up with a rope tied around his neck attached to the headrest with his hands and ankles bound with duct tape.

Brandel claimed he picked up two men who were involved in his Super Bowl Squares. Once they were inside his vehicle, the men whipped out a pistol and robbed him of $16,000 in cash he earned in his Super Bowl.

Brandel also stated that the men forced him to drive around for several days before abandoning him. They then tied him up and left him in a parking lot.

New York Man’s Abduction Turns Out To Be a Hoax

Authorities investigated the story and concluded his account was just an elaborate story. They say Brandel fabricated the story because he’d been running a shady $50,000 Super Bowl Pool. Police said he put made up names in certain squares in a bid to take most of the winnings.

Brandel was unable to make the payouts. As a result, he concocted his elaborate kidnapping scheme instead. Authorities suspected Brandel was not being truthful after they recognized that he was clean-shaven despite it being his third day of captivity.

Officer James O’Callaghan told WKBW:


He was charged with falsely reporting an incident and fraud and is due back in court next month.

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