Video About Nutso WTBQ Station Manager Spreads Faster Than A Herpes Outbreak On Social Media

Nutso WTBQ Station Manager
Taylor Sterling once hurled the contents of Uncle Buck’s food and toy donation bins to the road with the determination of an old Soviet Olympic Shot Putter.

Nutso WTBQ Station Manager Joy Doe aka Taylor Sterling strikes again! This time it was with fellow broadcaster Jonathan Rios.

Rios has a 2-hour oldies radio show he markets to community and internet radio stations across the country. He had reached out to WTBQ about airing his show. 

Unfortunately for Rios, it didn’t go as well as he had hoped. Rios was unaware that the nutso WTBQ Station Manager and her  Joan Crawford style management techniques. Sterling’s management style has turned WTBQ into Cuckoo TBQ. 

It’s not just potential advertisers she has alienated. It’s also members of the community like activists like the elderly Frank “Uncle Buck” Pileggi.

She hurled Uncle Buck’s collection bin filled with toys and food into the street with the determination of an old Soviet Olympic Shot Putter. The contents were run over by tractor trailers and SUVs.

Cuckoo TBQ is now near bankruptcy after Sterling’s five-year tenure. Advertisers have fled and so have most of the longtime show hosts. Things have become extremely bad for station owner Frank Truatt. Truatt has had to resort to using hair dye on his worn out toupee he bought from For Men Only when he was cruising chicks listening to Foghat in the 70s.

Unfortunately for Truatt, no one makes 70s style rocker wigs anymore. 

Marty Krugman made them but his For Men Only hair salon/wig shop has been closed for nearly 40 years.

As anyone who has seen the movie Goodfellas knows, Marty Krugman (Morrie in the movie) was bumped off in 1979 by Jimmy (The Gent) Burke after the Lufthansa heist at JFK. Even if Krugman was still around Truatt would be able to afford his wigs since WTBQ is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Jonathan Rios And The Nutso WTBQ Station Manager

Oldies radio host Jonathan Rios reached out to Frank Truatt and Taylor Sterling about airing his show. Rios soon learned he was put on Taylor Sterling’s itinerary of hate along with me and half of the lower Hudson Valley.

Most people who have a not so pleasant encounter go away but not Rios. He posted a video showing the emails he received from sterling and Truatt.

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