Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney Bypassed Competitive Hiring Policy By Appointing Racist Policy Official

Acting CFPB Director
CFPB Policy Official Eric Blankenstein wrote racist blog posts in 2004.

Senate Democrats have called for acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney to explain the vetting process that led to the hiring of a political appointee whose past includes incendiary writings. In 2004, CFPB Policy Official Eric Blankenstein blogged whether the n-word was inherently racist. He also makes the claim that the great majority of hate crimes were actually hoaxes.

Blankenstein also posted a rant that refuted a proposal at the University of Virginia that called for harsher academic penalties for intolerant acts.

Fine… let’s say they called him n—–. Would that make them racists, or just a——-? 

He also asserted that:

Hate-crime hoaxes are about three times as prevalent as actual hate crimes. 

The blog posts have caused upheaval at the agency.

13 Democratic Senators on the Senate Banking Committee demanded Mulvaney explain of how Eric Blankenstein was hired by the agency.

The CFPB did not hire Blankenstein through the normal competitive service process. Instead, Blankenstein was chosen by the Acting CFPB Director as one of a dozen political appointees brought in to “shadow” career staff at the agency and implement Trump Administration policies.

Senate Democrats asked Mulvaney to respond to nearly a dozen questions about Blankenstein. They also wanted to know if Mulvaney was aware of the writings before he hired Blankenstein.

Senate Democrats also wanted to know what due diligence the CFPB uses to vet political appointees.

Mulvaney has until Oct. 22 to respond to the questions raised by Senate Democrats.

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