Mark Stopa Law Firm In Chaos After FDLE Raid And Employees Quit From Stress!

mark stopa law firmThe Mark Stopa law firm is in utter chaos and liquidation bankruptcy filing is imminent. Stopa’s immediate suspension in July was only the beginning of the end of the once prominent law firm.

The law firm’s office was raided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in August. The FDLE carted off boxes of files and computer files.

As a result, attorneys and support staff have quit after suffering stress-related breakdowns. A liquidation bankruptcy filing is imminent.

Tampa lawyer Richard Mockler took over Stopa’s 4,200 pending cases. He said the firm is unable to make payroll or hire and train new employees. He filed and an emergency motion in a North Florida court this week.

Richard Mockler wrote in the motion:

The firm’s remaining attorneys cannot possibly respond to the clients’ needs or provide the representation that the firm’s clients deserve.

It is unclear who will now represent the thousands of foreclosure victims who sought Stopa’s help.

Mockler also stated he took over Stopa’s practice before the emergency suspension. Mockler wrote, he had “no substantive knowledge of the alleged criminal wrongdoing by Mr. Stopa.” 

Due in large part to the stress, uncertainty, and anxiety created by the suspension and the FDLE raid, the firm lost many of its key employees including literally every attorney and staff member previously working in the firm’s appellate department.

After the suspension, the funds in Stopa’s accounts needed to operate the firm were frozen.

At the same time, lenders and their attorneys are aggressively seeking to schedule depositions, set hearings and set matters for trial. Trial judges also pushed many matters forward with several denying requests for continuance following the FDLE raid.”

Compounding the law firm’s problems was that many clients were unwilling to pay their fees because of the negative publicity.

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