Typhoid Emily Convers Bolts Out Of The Town She Divided And Sold Out

Typhoid Emily ConversFormer United Monroe leader Typhoid Emily Convers is leaving Monroe. Rumors have been floating around about her leaving since she resigned as Chairman of United Monroe in February. Her home at 22 Sunset Heights is on the market for $359,900.00.

Typhoid Emily Convers is following several other United Monroe activists and leaders who are moving from the town they helped divide.

Convers earned the nickname, Typhoid Emily Convers because of her frivolous lawsuits against elected officials and her anti-Semitism. She and 12 other activists managed to divide the Town of Monroe to create the first religious municipality in America. Her cause started with a political feud with late Town Supervisor Harley Doles over a movie theater.

Convers soon morphed her cause into absurd claims against the Hasidic village of Kiryas Joel. She and her friends turned town council meeting into circuses with Jerry Springer style antics. They also filed a tsunami of countless frivolous lawsuits against the town and Orange County.

Typhoid Emily Convers also encouraged her followers to launch internet smear campaigns against anyone who questioned her including MFI-Miami. She accused her critics of hiring paid hitmen to take her out and other paranoid claims.

She and United Monroe tormented the family of former Town Supervisor Harley Doles so badly that the stress eventually killed him. 

Typhoid Emily Convers’ Bogus Non-Profit And Lawsuit

Under the leadership of Typhoid Emily Convers, United Monroe created a bogus non-profit named Preserve Hudson Valley. PHV’s alleged purpose was to preserve the rustic look of the Hudson Valley and stop real estate development. Who is bankrolling Preserve Hudson Valley is a mystery. They refuse to disclose their donors or what the money was used for.

United Monroe leaders Convers and John Allegro along with PHV filed a frivolous lawsuit to block the 164-acre annexation that the Monroe Town Board already approved.

The lawsuit cited some fictitious environment regulation saying Kiryas Joel was required to do a 10-year impact study. However, New York law only requires a 5-year impact study.

Allegro, Convers, and PHV threw in the towel when it appeared they were going to lose. However, reality set in when their attorneys informed them they were now on the hook for Kiryas Joel’s six-figure legal bill.

So they did what they had to do to protect their collective asses. They sold out the town. They agreed to drop the lawsuit give Kiryas Joel an addition 56 acres to cover the costs of the litigation. However, like TV pitchman Billy Mays, they threw in more. They also agreed to let Kiryas Joel have political autonomy with their own town.

United Monroe announced the settlement agreement in April of 2017. They soon touted that political separation from Kiryas Joel was really what they wanted all along and the lawsuit was just a ruse to put pressure on Orange County and the state of New York.

Typhoid Emily Convers’ Deal Torpedoes Monroe Property Values 

Typhoid Emily ConversResidential real estate sales have decreased by 50% in Monroe since the settlement was announced. Home values have also dropped an additional 20% since in the past 18 months according to Zillow.

Monroe property values had already plummeted 30% since 2014 when Emily Convers declared her anti-Semitic war on the Satmar. The deal has made a sluggish Monroe real estate market worse. 

Real estate experts attribute the decline to the political activities and anti-Semitism of United Monroe. Brokers also attribute declining values to United Monroe’s barrage of frivolous lawsuits against the county and elected officials. These frivolous lawsuits have cost taxpayers nearly $150,000. Orange County taxpayers can expect that number to reach $1.5 million. 

Typhoid Emily ConversRealtors say that having former Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone bashing Hasidic Jews on WTBQ isn’t helping restore Monroe home values.

Ironically, the scare tactic used by Typhoid Emily Convers to rally people to United Monroe has become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in less than two years.

In other words, Convers’ delusion that she declared as a truth when it was actually false became a reality due to her manipulation of people and events. 

She wrote in October of 2015:

Your taxes will go up, while at the same time, your property values will go down. Possibly WAY down. Many Hudson Valley citizens rely on the equity in their homes for their retirement nest egg. Over time, this equity will dwindle and dwindle until you have nothing left. And if you are a newer homeowner in the area with a mortgage, the drop in your property value could well put you “underwater”.

Will Typhoid Emily Convers’ Home Become A Historic Landmark?

Typhoid Emily ConversThe home of United Monroe’s fearless leader is now for sale. Typhoid Emily Convers is selling the home where she had the infamous cake conspiracy involving the FBI. It is also where she filmed her historic dining room video after downing a 3-liter bottle of Carlo Rossi Sangria.

Typhoid Emily Convers has made her place in American history books for generations of students to read and learn about. She represented Monroe, Orange County and The United States of America in negotiating the first religious town in the country’s history.

Future Americans will be forever in her debt for tearing down the walls of the American melting pot and the concept of Separation of Church & State.

You can now own a piece of history. The Convers are now accepting offers for the home of historic home of the woman Monroe residents passionately refer to as “Typhoid Emily Convers.”

The house is located at 22 Sunset Heights in Village of Monroe. The asking price is $359,900 and features panoramic views of the future town of Palm Tree.

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