Sexual Assault Costs Mortgage Entrepreneur  $3 Million An His Job As CEO Of E Mortgage Management

Mortgage entrepreneur Gregory Englesbe is now former CEO of E Mortgage Management. Englesbe formed the company in 2002 and built it into a nationwide lending agency, according to his vanity WordPress website.

Englesbe stepped down in the wake of a $3 million settlement brought against him by Philadelphia waitress named Kristin Lisi. Mortgage entrepreneur grabbed her by the throat and forced a kiss on her (see video below).

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported the 6-foot-4, 250-pound Englesbe allegedly told Lisi:

You’ve been walking by me all night, and I want a kiss.

The mortgage entrepreneur then grabbed her by the throat and planting a kiss on her.

Lisi reported the incident to the management of Scarpetta and the police were called. Scarpetta is an upscale Italian restaurant in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia.

The police report also states Lisi told the police:

As Englesbe released Ms. Lisi from his grasp, his unnamed dining companion then stated, ‘now it’s my turn.’

He leaned in toward Lisi grabbed her arm and attempted to kiss her.

John Doe 2 was actually unzipping his pants in the restaurant hallway when he was smacked by Englesbe. Englesbe heartily laughed and gave John Doe2 a ‘put it away’ gesture.

Lisi claimed she also suffered injuries to her rotator cuff, neck and shoulders as a result of the incident. Yet, Englesbe was not criminally charged in the 2016 incident.

It took the jury just under four hours to render the $3 million verdict against Englesbe.

As a result, Englesbe resigned in the wake of the ruling.

Daily operations of the company will continue to run by EMM President and COO Kevin Crichton and current management team. Additionally, Crichton will be assuming responsibilities of the CEO, the company said in a statement.

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