You CAN Deliver A TKO To James B Nutter And Company

james b nutterReverse Mortgage companies like James B Nutter and Company advertise on TV promising reverse mortgages as a way for you to use your home as a cash machine.

Reverse mortgage lenders have people convinced they can’t fight their reverse mortgage foreclosure. Yet, MFI-Miami has again debunked the propaganda of sleaze from the Wall Street oligarchs. Just like we did with foreclosures on conventional mortgages.

MFI-Miami is also the only foreclosure and mortgage experts that have teamed up lawyers with the experience to successfully challenge any reverse mortgage foreclosure.

Common Ways People Go Into Foreclosure With A Reverse Mortgage From James B Nutter and Company 

james b nutterOne common way seniors find themselves in foreclosure with a reverse mortgage from James B Nutter is if they don’t pay the property taxes. Many times they pay the taxes but the mortgage servicer doesn’t properly apply the payment to the transaction history. Many times, the mortgage servicer’s payment history doesn’t match the information from the county or local taxing authority. 

The other is if only one spouse is listed as the mortgagor and the mortgagor passes. Most seniors are living month-to-month off a pension check. Many seniors did a reverse mortgage in order to live off the equity in their home. The surviving spouse could find him or herself homeless. FHA has since changed this rule. Yet, many servicers still try to enforce it. 

MFI-Miami Can Help You Fight Your Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

james b nutterFor nearly 10-years, MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert has developed a reputation for bringing companies to their knees. He has even humiliated bank lawyers and made bank executives sob like babies during depositions. 

Furthermore, MFI-Miami also has access to some of the top forensic accountants available. MFI-Miami can also call on mortgage compliance experts. 

As a result, this gives MFI-Miami unparalleled strength to challenge any lender.

Steve Dibert likes to fight the Wall Street banks! He spent nearly ten years in the world of lending and knows the Achille’s heel of James B Nutter. 

MFI-Miami has helped hundreds of seniors successfully stay in their homes. 

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