NYPD And FDNY Personnel Are Packing Up And Leaving Monroe, New York

NYPD living in Monroe, New York are revving their engines and hightailing it to Dutchess and Putnam Counties.

Many NYPD and FDNY personnel moved their families out of New York City after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Nearly 5,000 of them migrated 70 miles north where they found inexpensive homes and good schools in the Town of Monroe. 

That was a little over 16 years ago and things have changed in Monroe. Monroe is facing declining home values and high foreclosure rates.

The town has also become a hotbed of controversy.

Residents have filed a barrage of frivolous lawsuits alleging everything from public corruption and voter fraud. There has also been a resurgence of Neo-Nazism.

In other words, the town has fallen into a vacuum of lunacy.

Aging police officers and firefighters have become Empty Nesters and are getting fed up.

Their kids are off at college or starting families of their own. So why should they stay in Monroe and deal with a house that is upside down? Or deal with the political craziness that has engulfed Monroe for nearly 5 years?

Many NYPD and FDNY active duty personnel and retirees are going east to Dutchess County or Putnam County. Some retirees are saying goodbye to New York altogether and are making the trek to God’s waiting room known as Florida.

NYPD And FDNY Homeowners In Monroe Face Plummetting Home Values

Monroe property values have plummetted since 2013.

MFI-Miami is in the foreclosure defense business. So we get the weekly MLS listings and foreclosure filings for Orange County.

It’s not looking good for Monroe homeowners. Unless you own a home near Kryas Joel, your property values are in the toilet. I can tell you why in two words:


Residential real estate sales have decreased 50% in Monroe since 2013. This is when Emily Convers and United Monroe burst onto the Monroe political scene and began wrecking havoc. Soon after she lost her political fight with Harley Doles over the town’s movie theater, she declared her anti-Semitic war on the Satmar of Kiryas Joel. 

Real estate experts attribute the decline to the political activities and anti-Semitism of United Monroe. Brokers also attribute declining values to United Monroe’s barrage of frivolous lawsuits against the county and elected officials.

These frivolous lawsuits have already cost Monroe taxpayers nearly $150,000. They will also cost Orange County taxpayers another $1.5 million when they are finally settled.

Realtors say that having Convers’ pal and former Allstate Insurance Agent Dan Castricone bashing Hasidic Jews on WTBQ isn’t helping restore Monroe home values.

Several Realtors have stated buyers refuse to look at properties in Monroe. As home buyers tell them: 

No, thank you! I don’t want my children exposed to Nazis!

United Monroe negotiated a deal with the Satmar who control Kiryas Joel last year. However, that has only exacerbated the problem of plummeting home values in Monroe. 

Monroe also has the distinction of being the only municipality in the tri-state area that has not had increased property values. Property values in the New York Metropolitan Area have increased 3o% on average since 2013. That is except in Monroe. 

NYPD And FDNY Living In Monroe Will See Their Taxes Skyrocket

Monroe officials say the deal to create the Town of Palm Tree will cost the Town of Monroe $1.8 million in property-tax income and other revenue. A loss of this magnitude would bankrupt the town. 

The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District is also expected to lose millions of dollars in tax revenue due to the deal.

In addition, Kiryas Joel property owners pay roughly $1 million in taxes to support town services. When Kiryas Joel splits and forms Palm Tree this tax revenue will be permanently lost.

Monroe would also lose other income sources including mortgage tax receipts. The net impact of those losses is equal to 20% of the town’s budget of $9.3 million.

Monroe Comptroller Peter Martin projected the town would lose half of the $750,000 in mortgage taxes that it expected to collect this year.

In addition, the town would lose up to half of the $280,000 in budgeted Dial-a-Bus income. The losses incurred by the loss of Dial-a-Bus include a combination of state and federal aid. Martin also stated that Monroe would lose half of the $250,000 in expected court fines the town receives.

Martin also told Record Online:

There are not enough places in the budget to cut $1.8 million.



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