MFI-Miami Owner Channels Crazy Eddie And Goes Insane! He Slashes Prices On Mortgage Fraud Investigations 

mortgage fraud investigationsMFI-Miami has slashed the prices on mortgage fraud investigations to as low as $500!

Lawyers at the law firms I work with keep asking me if I have gone insane offering this incredibly low price.

I can assure everyone I am very sane but there is a method to my madness!

I have been trying figure out what to do to get the phone ringing because business has been slow. Then last night, it happened. I spoke to the ghost of Crazy Eddie Antar.

The ghost of Eddie Antar told me to something insane. 


He then disappeared into the fog that had rolled in from the Everglades. So, as a result, I’m doing something insane. I’m offering our internationally recognized mortgage fraud investigations for the insanely low price of $500.00! 

The same investigations that have kept hundreds of people in their homes.

There is catch though. Price does not include properties with multiple mortgages. Additional mortgages are $250.00 apiece.

The mortgage fraud investigation special also does not include jumbo loans or mortgages with multiple CEMA modifications. Jumbo loans and loans with multiple CEMA modifications start at the insanely low price of $850.00. 

If you don’t know what a CEMA modification is then you don’t need to worry about. CEMA modifications are only available in New York.

Special only good through February 15th!


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