MFI-Miami Is Giving Back To New York’s Bravest! We’re Giving FDNY Firefighters Facing Foreclosure 67% Off!

FDNY FirefightersNew York is an amazing city. FDNY Firefighters are some of the most amazing and dedicated firefighters you can ever meet. 

When I started offering MFI-Miami services to the people of New York City in 2012, I soon fell in love with the city. I realized what Frank Sinatra was singing about all those years ago. 

After working in the city post-9/11, I soon learned that FDNY were also some of the best-trained firefighters in the world. They are also some of the most respected firefighters in the word. 

FDNY firefighters are also known for their culinary skills. Some of the best firehouse chili I have ever had has been made by FDNY firefighters.

So with great gratitude, I have decided to give back to New York’s bravest. I have decided to give FDNY firefighters and FDNY retirees who are facing foreclosure an amazing deal. MFI-Miami will offer FDNY firefighters our mortgage fraud investigations for $500.00. This is a third of what we normally charge. 

Our mortgage investigations have stopped hundreds of foreclosures in New York. They have also kept hundreds of families from being homeless.

There is catch though. Price does not include properties with multiple mortgages. Additional mortgages are $250.00 apiece.

The mortgage fraud investigation special also does not include jumbo loans or mortgages with multiple CEMA modifications. Jumbo loans and loans with multiple CEMA modifications start at the insanely low price of $850.00. 

Let us know if you have health ailments from being a 9/11 first responder or if you worked at Ground Zero. We also offer other discounts for 9/11 victims you may qualify for.

Check us out on Facebook at New York Foreclosure Defense or call us at 212.381.6035.


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