MFI-Miami Offering 50% Off For Monroe Homeowners. We’re Calling It The United Monroe Special. 

United Monroe Special
This could be the future of Monroe thanks to Emily Convers and United Monroe.

Why am I offering a 50% off special to Monroe homeowners and calling it the United Monroe Special? 

First of all, because I want to and because I want to help the people of Monroe keep their homes. Homeowners in Monroe are underwater and many are at risk of going into foreclosure. 

You can thank Emily Convers and the crazed Mad Max biker gang mentality of United Monroe for inspiring us to do it. Hence, why I named the special after them. 

You can also thank Emily Convers and her cadre of angry drunken supporters like Greg Gilligan for putting your home underwater.

So, next time you see Emily shopping at Shoprite you can thank her for nuking your home’s value.

Monroe Homeowners Are In Trouble Thanks To United Monroe!

united monroe special
Emily Convers founded United Monroe after getting restless watching TV all day.

Foreclosures in Monroe are up 40% from 2015 and property values continue to plummet by 50%.

Residential real estate sales have decreased 50% in Monroe since the proposed legal settlement with Kiryas Joel was announced last April. Home values have also dropped an additional 20% since April according to Zillow.

Monroe property values had already plummeted 30% since 2014 when Emily Convers declared her anti-Semitic war on the Satmar. The secret United Monroe deal has made a sluggish Monroe real estate market worse. 

Real estate experts attribute the decline to the political activities and anti-Semitism of United Monroe.

Brokers also attribute declining values to United Monroe’s barrage of frivolous lawsuits against the county and elected officials.

These frivolous lawsuits have cost Monroe taxpayers nearly $150,000. Orange County taxpayers can expect that number to reach $1.5 million. 

Realtors say that having Insurance Agent Dan Castricone bashing Hasidic Jews on WTBQ isn’t helping restore Monroe home values.

The Nazi Thuggery Of United Monroe Inspired Us To Offer The United Monroe Special

United Monroe Special
United Monroe Leaders like Emily Convers have a long history of using anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Emily Convers founded United Monroe after she became bored and restless eating Bonbons and watching Days Of Our Lives

She formed a group that would eventually turn into a borderline hate group. She soon built a following of unemployed drunks and bigoted retirees by anonymously posting unhinged bigoted rants on Facebook. 

Convers and her minions began using rhetoric that was ripped from the pages of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Convers and her band of unhinged bigots compare Jews to vermin and refer to residents of Kiryas Joel as “scourges on our community.”

The United Monrovians also employ Nazi-style bullying and smear campaigns against anyone who opposes their bigoted political agenda. Emily Convers has become so paranoid that believes anyone who questions her is illegally conspiring against her or is on someone’s payroll.

Convers and her crew of bigots accused several Monroe politicians of criminal activity. Law enforcement investigated her claims and found the claims to be baseless and without any merit. Yet, United Monroe still promotes these claims as fact. 

Emily Convers and her group of unhinged cryptic Nazi thugs don’t just stalk and cyber bully local politicians. Converse encourages her followers to also smear people anonymously on the internet. 

Our United Monroe Special Is Available Thanks To Emily Convers And Her Jewish Boogey Man Scare Tactic 

United Monroe Special
Emily Convers giving her, “WE NEED TO STOP THE JEWS!” speech at the Warwick Valley Rotary in October of 2016.

Ironically, the scare tactic used by Emily Convers to rally people to United Monroe has become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy in less than four years.

In other words, Convers’ delusion that she declared as a truth when it was actually false became a reality due to her manipulation of people and events. 

She wrote in October of 2015:

Your taxes will go up, while at the same time, your property values will go down. Possibly WAY down. Many Hudson Valley citizens rely on the equity in their homes for their retirement nest egg. Over time, this equity will dwindle and dwindle until you have nothing left. And if you are a newer homeowner in the area with a mortgage, the drop in your property value could well put you “underwater”.

Convers also writes about funding cuts to the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District. Ironically, cuts that will happen because of her and United Monroe.

If not stopped, this bloc vote will also eventually result in a severe diminishment in the quality of the schools that your children attend. In the long run, allocations for teachers will also be cut (making for larger class sizes), and school buildings may even close and consolidate, making for an utterly inhospitable educational environment for YOUR children.

Give us a call today at 212.381.6035 to learn about the United Monroe Special and how you can keep your home during these turbulent times in Monroe.

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