BofA Branch Kicks Elderly Man To The Curb After Refusing To Give Him His Money. Hero Cop Saves The Day!

BofA BranchMontebello Police Officer Robert Josett received a call from a suburban Los Angeles BofA branch last week. The BofA branch manager wanted an agitated 92-year-old man kicked out of a branch.

The elderly man had tried to withdraw money from his account. However, the BofA branch manager and teller refused to allow him to withdraw the money from his account. The man’s ID had expired.

The man was unable to understand why the bank refused to help him. As a result, the elderly man grew upset and caused a commotion.

Officer Josett arrived on the scene and learned what was happening. He decided he wouldn’t simply escort the man out of the bank or arrest him.

The Montebello Officer found himself touched by his story and took matters into his own hands.

Officer Josett drove the elderly man to the California DMV to get a new ID. He waited with the man until he could get a current ID. Officer Josett then took him back to the bank after so he could withdraw money.

Afterward, the Montebello Police Department posted a photo of the officer and elderly man on Facebook, capturing the attention of thousands.

One person wrote on Facebook:

Heart touching and I love that the officer was able to get him in and out of the DMV so quickly! That alone is medal worthy!

 In addition, another person saw this is as proof that not all police officers should be seen in a negative light:
This is beautiful. We need more stories like this to show the people that not all police officers are bad and that they go above and behind their regular duties to help everyone.


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