Donations To NAMBLA Seem Appropriate Since Mr. Cooper Mortgage Has A History Of Financially Molesting People

Mr. Cooper MortgageAn open letter to Mr. Cooper Mortgage CEO Jay Bray.


Dear Jay Bray, 

I know you’re a busy guy like me, so I will make this letter short and to the point.

MFI-Miami did investigative work for a plethora of customers of Mr. Cooper Mortgage fka Nationstar over the past five years. We did the reports and handed them to my clients’ attorneys. In addition, I have also not had any contact with any of these clients since I wrote the reports.

Yet, I receive countless mortgage statements on a monthly basis addressed to nearly three dozen former clients.

I continually tell your employees that they these statements need to go the homeowner or their attorney. I also ask for them to remove me from their database. The hundreds of customer service people have assured me my phone number would be removed from the file.  Yet, the removal of my name has not happened. Furthermore, this morning alone I have received three letters or mortgage statements from Mr. Cooper Mortgage addressed to these clients.


It seems like your employees can’t seem to get the message.

Therefore, I am providing you with the phrase, “Quit Mailing Me” in several languages. This should cover nearly all of your employees:

German: Beenden Sie das Mailen von mir!

Greek: Κλείστε ταχυδρομική Me

Spanish: Deja de enviarme un correo

Italian: Smettila di spedirmelo

French: Arrête de m’écrire

Hindi: मुझे मेलिंग छोड़ने (mujhe meling chhodane)

Portugese: Termine de enviar-me!

Swahili: Kuacha barua yangu

Tagalog: Tumigil sa pagpapadala sa koreo sa akin

Now your employees have no excuse to keep filling my mailbox with mortgage statements and loan modification offers.

Being nice has gotten me nowhere. It has also wasted a lot of my time. As a result, I’m going to attempt to give you some incentive and also some motivation to remove me from the Mr. Cooper Mortgage database. 

The NAMBLA Challenge

Mr Cooper MortgageMr. Cooper fka Nationstar has a history of financially molesting homeowners. As a result, I have decided to donate $10 cash in your name and Mr. Cooper’s name to the pro-pedophile group, NAMBLA. NAMBLA is also known as the National Man/Boy Love Association. I will donate $10 for every piece of mail I receive from  about this client from this day forward

You can enlighten yourself about NAMBLA by clicking here.

I also want to be very clear. NAMBLA should not be confused with the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes.

I’m sorry if this incentive to your institution seems juvenile but it appears to be the only way to get Mr. Cooper’s attention.

It seems like your employees love my website.  I get at least 100 visits a week from Mr. Cooper Mortgage servers.


Steve Dibert

President, MFI-Miami

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