IRS Filings Show United Monroe’s Non-Profit Has Secret Sugar Daddies

United Monroe
United Monroe Leader giving her “STOP THE JEWS” pitch to the Warwick Valley Rotary on Yom Kippur in 2016.

Rumors of who has been secretly financing United Monroe have run rampant throughout Monroe for years.

Rumors that persisted because United Monroe members would get drunk at The Captain’s Table or Bourbon Street Bar and brag about the money United Monroe was raking in to “STOP THE JEWS!”

United Monroe Leader Emily Convers tried to keep a tight lid on officially disclosing where United Monroe’s money was coming from. That was until I posted their donor list last year.

United Monroe leaders have also kept a tight grip on the financial disclosures of their non-profit, Preserve Hudson Valley (PHV). A non-profit Convers established in 2014 with John Allegro, Rich Cannava and Karen Hall. That is until MFI-Miami got copies of PHV’s IRS filings that you can read below.

PHV’s Articles of Incorporation state the alleged purpose of the group is to:

Promote a sustainable future for the Hudson Valley, protect our natural resources, and, in addition, defend the Establishment Clause of the Constitution which calls for the separation of church and state.

PHV did sue to stop the 164-acre annexation in October of 2015. Emily Convers told the Monroe Photo-News several months prior to filing the lawsuit:

We are prepared to take this to the federal courts if necessary. The Village of Kiryas Joel leaders are orchestrating these land grabs and it’s unconstitutional.

United Monroe Leaders Change Their Mind On Annexation As Their Lawsuit Goes Up In Flames

Allegro and Convers changed their tune last year when they lost their appeal. PHV Directors faced the reality that they were in serious trouble. They were and are now on the hook to pay the legal bills of all the people they sued. 

So earlier this year, PHV cut a deal with the defendants. PHV agreed to let the Satmar have the 164 acres plus an additional 56 acres of prime Monroe real estate. The extra 56 acres was so the defendants would have an incentive not to countersue for legal fees. 

In addition, PHV agreed to let Kiryas Joel become the town of Palm Tree. If approved, Palm Tree would become the first Hasidic theocratic government in the United States. This concession is in direct violation of PHV’s own core beliefs as a non-profit.

In addition, Palm Tree would also be able to regulate its own environmental quality and would have unlimited access to the New York aquifer system.

Environmental concerns were allegedly the whole purpose for the lawsuit to block annexation.

United Monroe Is Now Saying The Annexation Lawsuit Was About Politics 

United Monroe
It appears the Satmar exploited Emily Convers like a $50 hooker outside the Port Authority Bus Station.

Now United Monroe Leaders Allegro and Convers are pitching their settlement deal by saying that it will keep the Satmar out of Monroe town politics and the lawsuit was really about politics. 

This creates serious problems for Allegro, Convers, and PHV. First of all, 501(c)3 non-profits are barred by IRS tax laws from getting involved in politics. Not only can PHV lose their non-profit status but PHV directors could face some serious fines, penalties and possibly jail time from the IRS. 

Secondly, there is no Hasidic style Rebel Alliance within Kiryas Joel. The “KJ Alliance” was never fighting with the “Kiryas Joel Power Elite”. It was a ruse to fool naive goyim like John Allegro and Emily Convers to their bidding. It was a ruse that both Allegro and Convers are either naive enough to believe or unscrupulous enough to make other people believe. 

Either way, the Satmar are waist deep in Monroe town politics and they have been since 2015 thanks to Emily Convers. They are using Emily Convers as a conduit or as a patsy. Take your pick. 

The Satmar goal is to drive down property values. Why? Satmar developers are businessmen and like good businessmen, they buy low and sell high.

In other words, the Satmar exploited Emily Convers like a $50 hooker outside the Port Authority Bus Station in Manhattan. They boosted her ego and played to her vanity. In return, she was willing to do whatever they told her to do because they made her feel special.  

MFI-Miami Acquires The IRS Filings Of United Monroe’s Non-Profit, Preserve Hudson Valley

Preserve Hudson Valley’s 2014 IRS Filing

PHV’s 2014 IRS filing (Form 990) is pretty benign. The filing shows PHV had gross receipts of $14,685 and expenditures of $6,631. It does show some interesting information. It shows PHV’s business address as Emily Convers’ home in Monroe. The filing also indicated how much time the four founders contributed to PHV.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Preserve Hudson Valley IRS filing 2014″]

Does United Monroe Have Secret Satmar Sugar Daddies?

United Monroe
Experience and evidence suggest that the Satmar are secretly funding United Monroe to drive down Monroe property values.

As much as PHV’s 2014 was benign, their 2015 filing raises a multitude of red flags. PHV also filed the disclosure almost a year late.

PHV’s 2015 IRS filing shows that PHV grossed $115,812.70. PHV also claims they raised $20,929 from the three fundraisers. 

These fundraisers show Emily Convers likes to hide behind a fog of mystery. So much for her mantra of accountability and transparency. 

PHV failed to file a Schedule G with 990 form. A Schedule G is a list of contributors from the fundraisers who contributed money. The IRS requires 501(c)3 organizations to file a Schedule G if more than $15,000 is raised from fundraising.

PHV donors who donated and took the tax deduction could find themselves audited by the IRS. The IRS matches the donor to the Schedule G of the organization that received the money. If there is no Schedule G, the donor gets audited.

PHV states they raised $20,929 from two fundraising events in 2015. Yet, PHV indicates they incurred $15,654.66 in costs to hold them. 

This is odd since the food at the May 4, 2015, fundraiser at the Captain’s Table was donated according to PHV’s Facebook page.

Several attendees at this fundraiser told MFI-Miami that United Monroe Treasurer Eileen Ruddy told them to cross out “Pay to the order of Preserve Hudson Valley” on their checks and write her name its place or were pressured to give cash. 

PHV’s second 2015 fundraiser at Falkirk Estates was their biggest fundraiser in 2015. PHV told the Photo-News after the event:

The Falkirk Estate owners provided the venue, food, and music for the event as a donation.

PHV’s 2015 IRS filing contradicts what Emily Convers and others stated in a press release for the event:

The event raised more than $16,000 organizers said. All of the proceeds went directly to the Preserve Hudson Valley legal fund “to prevent the unsustainable and illegal land grabs by the Village of Kiryas Joel.

The $95,000 Question

PHV’s 2015 IRS filing also raises other big questions. Where did the remaining $94,883.70 classified as contributions, gifts or grants come from and why was it not disclosed?

PHV is also claiming they paid $92,581.58 in professional fees and to independent contractors but who this money went to is not disclosed.

The popular misconception is that the lawsuit filed by PHV against Kiryas Joel annexation is part of the lawsuit filed by 8 municipalities and Orange County. PHV’s lawsuit is an independent lawsuit with Emily Convers and John Allegro named as co-plaintiffs. The PHV suit was filed a month after the county and municipalities filed their lawsuit. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Preserve Hudson Valley 2015 IRS filings”]

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