Wells Fargo Bank Teller Admits He Stole $185,000 From Homeless Customer Who Walked In With Bag Of Cash

Wells Fargo Bank TellerA former Wells Fargo bank teller at a Washington DC branch stole more than $185,000 from a homeless customer.

Phelon Davis pleaded guilty in the US District Court to interstate transportation of stolen property.

Davis will likely spend 18 to 30 months in prison. The former Wells Fargo bank teller agreed to a plea agreement that requires him to pay back the $185,400.

Davis’ crimes were considered interstate because he transferred stolen money between the nation’s capital and Maryland.

The homeless man was a street vendor and a long-time customer of the branch. He brought a large amount of cash in a bag to the bank branch.

The customer wanted to deposit in October 2014 but he lacked identification. Davis told the customer where to get ID documents and a Social Security card.

Consequently, Davis took $3,000 from one of the man’s accounts and used it to open another account. He forged the man’s signature and created an online account. The former Wells Fargo bank teller also ordered an ATM card with a PIN number for the fraudulent account.

Davis used ATMs more than 100 times to over a two-year period and withdraw $185,440 from the multiple accounts.

The customer never received bank statements showing this activity because he did not have a permanent address. The man also did not have access to email or a computer.

The former Wells Fargo bank teller used the funds to put a down payment on a house in the Washington, D.C suburbs. He also used it to pay for vacations in the Caribbean and Mexico, among other pursuits.

It is not clear how or why the homeless street vendor had so much money.

Davis’s attorney, Bruce Allen Johnson, told the Washington Post:

That’s the million-dollar question.

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