The Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense Team That Has Beaten Wall Street 

Brooklyn Foreclosure DefenseMFI-Miami has created the most aggressive Brooklyn foreclosure defense team New York has ever seen!

We are the only foreclosure and mortgage experts with the strength to successfully challenge any Wall street lender in a Brooklyn.

Our competitors show off one or two victories but they can’t beat our track record. How do we know this? Because we have the 10-year track record to prove it!

MFI-Miami’s Brooklyn foreclosure defense team has become a lender’s worse nightmare. Why? MFI-Miami has successfully challenged some of the most arrogant foreclosure mill lawyers and Wall Street lenders in New York.

For nearly 10-years, MFI-Miami CEO Steve Dibert has developed a reputation of bringing Wall Street banks to their knees. He has even humiliated bank lawyers and made bank executives sob like babies during depositions.

Steve Dibert has also helped keep lenders from discriminating against Latin American homeowners and people of African descent. In addition, he has helped keep 9/11 survivors and military combat veterans in their homes.

Brooklyn Foreclosure DefenseFurthermore, MFI-Miami also has access to some of the top forensic accountants and former FBI agents available. MFI-Miami can also call on mortgage compliance experts and collateralized debt experts if needed.

As a result, this gives MFI-Miami unparalleled strength to challenge any mortgage lender in any New York courtroom.

We bring the most aggressive Brooklyn foreclosure defense team to you! Steve Dibert likes to fight the Wall Street banks! He spent nearly ten years in the world of lending and knows the Achille’s heel of all the major lenders.

MFI-Miami has helped hundreds of people in New York successfully stay in their homes.

MFI-Miami also works with some of the best litigators in New York.

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  • Stephen Dibert 20:31:42 pm July 16, 2017

    Brooklyn Foreclosure Cases Face Rocket Docket As Court Tosses Inactive Cases And Speeds Up Active Cases

    Brooklyn foreclosure cases could be facing a Rocket Docket. Kings County Supreme Court judges are fed up with the backlog of foreclosure cases clogging their dockets. Judges are also fed up with uncooperative homeowners who they perceive are milking the legal system. 

    Read more here

  • Stephen Dibert 20:31:42 pm July 16, 2017

    Florida Foreclosure Mill Attorneys Facing Criminal Charges For Not Turning Over Ditech Training Manual

    Two attorneys for Ditech Financial and a company representative face criminal charges in Miami. A judge found them in contempt for failing to turn over evidence in a civil foreclosure case.

    The attorneys for Ditech Financial failed to comply with a Miami-Dade judge’s order to produce training manuals discussed by Ditech representative Christopher Ogden in a deposition. Tromberg Law Group attorneys Yacenda Hudson and Amina McNeil along with Ogden were ordered to show why they shouldn’t be held in indirect criminal contempt of court. Read more here

  • Stephen Dibert 20:31:42 pm July 16, 2017

    Slumlord Frank Rosemberg Allows Millions Of Bed Bugs To Squat In His Occupied Brooklyn Apartments

    You may remember Brooklyn Slumlord Frank Rosemberg. He’s the Brooklyn scumbag who abused the Public Administrator’s Office to scam an Alzheimer’s victim and her family out of their home.

    Slumlord Frank Rosemberg can now add King of all Bedbugs to his resume. Rosemberg’s tenants have been calling us and telling us their stories since we first started writing about him in June. Read more here

  • Stephen Dibert 20:31:42 pm July 16, 2017

    NYPD Cop Indicted For Stealing Brooklyn Townhouse

    An NYPD cop got a little too greedy in a deed forging scam according to Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, Thompson together with New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito, today announced that an NYPD cop has been indicted for allegedly stealing a neglected three-family house in Bedford-Stuyvesant by filing a deed transferring the property from the deceased owner’s nephew to herself in 2012, only to see her alleged scheme unravel when the nephew was approached by an actual potential buyer last year.

    District Attorney Thompson said, “This defendant allegedly stole a house from its rightful owner with the stroke of a pen, apparently hoping no one would notice. But her brazen actions have unraveled and she will now be held accountable. That she is a veteran NYPD officer makes this alleged crime all the more disturbing.”

    Read more here

  • Stephen Dibert 20:31:42 pm July 16, 2017

    Victims Of Brooklyn Ponzi Scheme Sue Banks For Turning Blind Eye

    Phillip Barry who has been dubbed Brooklyn’s Bernie Madoff operated a Brooklyn Ponzi scheme that began in 1978 and conned investors out of nearly $40 million to invest in his Leverage group of companies.

    Philip Barry was convicted in Brooklyn Federal Court in 2011 for orchestrating a the decades long Brooklyn Ponzi scheme and now his victims have filed a $36 million lawsuit against the banks he used for allegedly “looking the other way” and ignoring the “unusual activity” on his accounts.

    Barry allegedly used J.P. Morgan Chase, TD, HSBC and M&T banks to carry out the scheme because they would “look the other way and ignore the activity and notifications from Anti-Money Laundering monitoring system,” according to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

    Read more here

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