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Andrew Buck PMP sued for the 2nd time in under a year for libel and defamation. 

Andrew BuckYes, the rumors are true. I am suing United Monroe Activist Donald Andrew Buck aka Andrew Buck for Defamation in federal court in Miami. I am also suing General National. The LLC that up until recently allegedly owned and allegedly managed his website,

Buck’s wife, Anna allegedly owns and operates General National. 

I allege in my suit that Andrew Buck began a campaign of defamation against me and MFI-Miami on his website in April of last year at the behest of United Monroe.

I am also accusing Buck of creating fake social media postings for the sole purpose of defaming MFI-Miami. 

Buck’s first posts were about That’s Where The Money Is. A radio show I produced on WTBQ. He states the show:

Had difficulty booking guests and would harass prospective guests in social media attempting to goad them into an appearance.

These claims are simply not true and where this information came from is unknown. It will be hopefully be disclosed when Buck and his wife sit for their depositions.

Buck Begins Attacking MFI-Miami With False Claims

In a posting on May 14, 2016, Andrew Buck claimed:

MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert is a former hard-money loan broker.

He also states that getting clients is easy for MFI-Miami: 

Since he can always return to the same clients for whom he arranged NINJA loans (no income, no job, no assets) before the global mortgage meltdown in 2008.

This, of course, none of this is true. I never wrote NINJA loans and I never wrote “hard money” loans.

Buck also writes in the article several times in the article that I’m an “opportunist huckster desperate for attention.”

But Andrew Buck didn’t stop there. He even made the claim that MFI-Miami is a cover for nefarious activities. 

Anyone with any common sense would have stopped there but not Buck.

He and possibly others created a fake That’s Where The Money Is Facebook page. On the page, he posted a fake Tampa Bay Times newspaper article that he and others created using Photoshop. The fake article alleges:

Steve Dibert of MFI Miami of Deerfield Beach is “under federal investigation” and “that information has been discovered linking Dibert and his firm to several fraudulent transactions including wire fraud, mail fraud, and several SEC and OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) violations.

Andrew Buck cited the fake newspaper article as source material in a June 20, 2016, post on He followed it up by claiming: 

Dibert’s business bills itself as a mortgage fraud investigator. But it’s MFI Miami’s own investigation services that have been discovered at issue for bilking its clients of money it claimed to seek from mortgage lenders and attorneys.

He then communicated these claims to third parties who blasted it out on the internet on websites like Ripoff Report and Complaints Board. 

You can read it all in the complaint below which is a matter of public record.


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