Parents of Former Accused Baby Killer Casey Anthony Facing Foreclosure

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

It seems like Casey Anthony is having a good time these days prowling around bars in Palm Beach. The once accused baby killer has also been a regular at the Brass Ring Pub.

Casey Anthony’s parents in Orlando have not been as lucky. They have been battling a seven-year foreclosure battle to keep their home.

The Anthonys bought the home in 1989 for $100,000. They refinanced the home with Bank of America for $121,160 in 2005 in Cynthia’s name.

George and Cynthia Anthony are in foreclosure for the third time since 2010.

Bank of America initiated foreclosure in March of 2010 while Casey Anthony was on trial for killing her daughter Caylee. Bank of America also later withdrew the foreclosure.

A Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty in the death of Caylee in 2011.

BofA sold the Anthony’s mortgage and note to Nationstar Mortgage in May of 2014.

Nationstar initiated the second foreclosure in March of 2014. The servicer failed to record a mortgage assignment prior to initiating foreclosure. As a result, Nationstar was forced to withdraw the foreclosure.

Consequently, Nationstar sold the mortgage this past March to US Bank as Trustee for NRZ Pass Through Trust VIII. NRZ Pass Through Trust VIII began a third foreclosure attempt on April 28th.

George and Cynthia Anthony owe $128,000 according to the complaint filed in Orange County. Yet, the Anthonys are not underwater. The property is worth $190,000.

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