Is Don Beeler Ineligible To Run For The Monroe-Woodbury School Board?

It appears United Monroe and Don Beeler have been hiding a big secret from Monroe-Woodbury voters. Public records show the incumbent school board trustee may not be residing in the district. This would make him ineligible to run for re-election to the Monroe-Woodbury School Board this week. He may also be committing voter fraud. Orange County voting records show Don Beeler residing at his previous residence.

Beeler and his wife defaulted on their $691,000 mortgage on 21 Links Court sometime in 2015. The MBS Trust that held the note filed a foreclosure action against the Beelers in December of 2015.

The Beelers put their mansion and 7 acres on the market last summer during litigation for $1,995,000. The Beelers sold the property on March 2nd for $1,750,000 to John and Diane Hicks prior to the filing deadline.

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Yet, Orange County voter records show Don Beeler is still registered to vote at the property. Unconfirmed reports from people associated with Beeler and the cryptic Nazi group United Monroe claim Beeler is now living in Newburgh with his 25-year old sugar baby. 

Beeler is an active member of United Monroe. He also received the group’s endorsement for his re-election to the school board. 

Beeler along with Monroe-Woodbury School Board members, Jon Huberth and Daniel A. Ezratty are up for re-election this year. They have also received the cryptic Nazi group’s endorsement for re-election. 

A lawsuit filed against the Monroe-Woodbury School District last year states that a 15-year-old Jewish student was bullied and assaulted with anti-semitic slurs for two school years. The complaint also alleges the school board and school administrators did nothing to stop it. 

The complaint named Don Beeler and the other United Monroe candidates has a co-defendants in the case. 

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