The Unsolved Dan Castricone Mystery That Has Baffled The Hudson Valley 

Dan Castricone Mystery
Dan Castricone failed to disclose who paid for his political radio show during his congressional campaign. Then mysteriously he and Allstate Insurance parted ways. Was there a connection?

There is a Dan Castricone mystery afoot and it seems to have the lower Hudson Valley baffled. Why did Dan Castricone and Allstate Insurance part ways?

MFI-Miami reached out to local necromancer Deborah Hanlon. We told her we needed her help to channel the dead spirit of Unsolved Mysteries host, Robert Stack to help to solve this Dan Castricone mystery.

But Hanlon didn’t return our call. So now we have to speculate about what caused Allstate Insurance and Dan Castricone to part ways.

WTBQ stopped airing advertising for Castricone’s Allstate Agency at the end of last year. Yet, Castricone still had his 60-minute show.

Dan Castricone also announced he was opening his own law practice and insurance brokerage. Allstate Insurance and Dan Castricone had gone their separate ways under a cloud of mystery. 

What would cause Allstate to pull the plug on an agency started by Castricone’s father? Castricone’s Allstate agency had been in operation for two generations and had nearly six agents working in the office. Castricone’s agency also wrote millions of dollars of policies a year? 

I have spoken to dozens of Allstate Insurance Agents in New York. They all claim they don’t know what happened between Allstate and Castricone. The agents have said that Castricone’s departure was as a big of a mystery to them as it was to me.

Veteran insurance brokers believe it was Allstate that forced the departure. They believe Castricone must have done something so egregious Allstate pulled his agency. Why else would someone give up a multi-million dollar a year cash cow?

Did Dan Castricone Lose His Allstate Agency Because Of United Monroe?

Dan Castricone MysteryA number of people did claim they were fed up with Castricone’s weekly barrage of United Monroe Jew bashing. Allstate customers soon became vocal about canceling their Allstate policies because of it. They called Allstate corporate and expressed their feelings.

There are also several other possibilities and they could all land Castricone in serious trouble. 

Was Castricone co-mingling funds he received from Allstate Insurance for Allstate advertising with his congressional campaign to promote his congressional campaign on his radio show?

Castricone never disclosed who was paying for his show on-air. This is required under New York and Federal law. If Castricone was using Allstate funds, this could explain why they parted ways. It would also explain why he didn’t disclose the radio show on his FEC disclosures.  Castricone could be serious trouble with the New York Bar and the federal government.

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