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Raunchy Realtor Scott Adlhoch And His Mistress Aline Ermanni Busted Leaving Love Stains In The Homes Of Six Clients

raunchy realtor
Scott and Jenny Adlhoch 

Scott Adlhoch aka the Raunchy Realtor is accused of having sex with a married woman at six of his clients’ homes. Adlhoch allegedly used his clients’ homes to rendezvous with his mistress for nearly two years.

Aline Ermanni said she met up with the raunchy realtor at the homes in the Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe.

She also told WXYZ the realtor seduced her and she chose to meet with him.

The Ermannis divorced after Aline Ermanni’s scorned husband filed a formal complaint against Adlhoch.

The Michigan Board of Real Estate Brokers and Sales People apparently frowns on realtors using their clients’ homes for kinky rendezvouses. They have now suspended Adlhoch for 30 days.

Raunchy realtor
Rob Ermanni and Aline Ermanni divorced after Rob filed the formal complaint against Scott Adlhoch.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office also investigated Adlhoch.

The Michigan AG’s office said the raunchy realtor used at least six of the homes he listed for:

sexual acts without the permission or knowledge of his homeowners.

In addition, Adlhoch’s clients complained of finding “love” stains in various rooms of their homes.


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