Bible Thumping Huckster Franklin Graham Favors Abusive Bestiality Relationships Over Homosexuality

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham seems to be fine with bestiality subjugation. Yet he calls for a boycott when two men have a gay kiss.

Franklin Graham is trying to rile up his delusional Christian base again. This time he wants his flock to boycott Disney’s live-action version of the Beauty and the Beast.

Why? Franklin Graham seems fixated on a guy named LeFou. Lefou is a gay secondary character with a 30-second scene in the movie. LeFou apparently has a “moment” with the villain Gaston.

Graham doesn’t object to other plot points in the film. Plot points that would be blasphemous if you invoke Graham’s interpretation of biblical scripture.

Let’s start with the hero, “The Beast.” The Beast looks like a cross between a buffalo and Pan the Pagan god. Yet, Graham doesn’t seem to have an issue with this. 

Graham seems to be okay with Belle being forced into subjugative bestiality. 

In addition, he also doesn’t seem to have an issue with the black magic used to bring inanimate objects to life. 

I know. It’s a movie. The Beast symbolizes a broken angry man. Belle represents a beautiful woman who sees the Beast’s inner beauty and transforms him into a better person.

It appears Franklin Graham is also cherry picking scripture. I don’t know what his father, the Reverend Billy Graham taught him but where I come from it’s called bigotry. Unlike his father, Franklin Graham is a bigot.

According to Graham, he has not seen the film. It seems like he basing his opinions on internet rumors or things he has also heard second or third hand.

As a result of Graham’s obsession with Gaston and LaFou, one theater in Alabama has refused to show the movie. The theater owner claims it is because of Graham’s objection. It is unclear if the theater owner has seen an advanced screening of the movie. 





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