Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary Nominee Steve Mnuchin Exposed As Foreclosure Thug In Attack Ad

Two widows could stop foreclosure thug Steve Mnuchin from being Treasury Secretary. Widow Lisa Fraser is the focus of one ad airing on cable news. the two ads focus on how OneWest Bank mistreated its customers.

Mnuchin ran OneWest Bank from 2009-2015. OneWest sprouted from the ashes of IndyMac Bank after the financial crisis. The bank was also been accused of foreclosure fraud during the recession. Mnuchin’s tenure is the focus of a new TV ad featuring Fraser. Fraser claims the bank lied to her and foreclosed on her after her husband died of cancer.

OneWest has also been accused of fraudulently foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of former IndyMac customers.

The bank was also under investigation by the California AG’s Office for widespread misconduct. Yet, Mnuchin claims he and OneWest did nothing wrong.

Lisa Fraser says in the ad:

“We did everything the bank asked…They lied to us and took our home anyway. John spent his last days terrified that I’d be homeless and then they kicked me out right after the funeral.”

Bold Progressives produced the ad. They also produced this ad they are running in Delaware, Nevada, and Virginia this weekend.

The former foreclosure thug has become a focal point for Democratic opposition looking to humiliate Donald Trump. The Senate Democrats hope to derail the nominations of Mnuchin and billionaire Betsy DeVos. DeVos has been nominated as Secretary of Education. She is also a major contributor to the GOP.

The ads seem to be effective because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has shelved Mnuchin’s confirmation vote by the full Senate until next week.

Who Are The Bold Progressives?

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) operates In addition, the grassroots group claims it has over 1 million members and is growing nation-wide.

Former MoveOn online organizers Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor founded PCCC in 2009.

The Nation magazine awarded PCCC “Most Valuable Campaign” of 2011. Commentator and show host Ed Schultz has also called PCCC “the top progressive group in the country.”

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