GOP-Led U.S. Senate Confirms Unqualified Crackpot Ben Carson As Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development

Crackpot Ben Carson
It appears crackpot Ben Carson will be confirmed as Donald Trump’s HUD secretary. Carson becomes the token black guy in Trump’s cabinet.

It appears crackpot Ben Carson will be confirmed as Secretary of HUD. The retired neurosurgeon will officially take over HUD by mid-February.  

The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee unanimously confirmed Carson earlier this week. The Senate is expected to confirm Carson’s nomination by a vote of 52-48 later this week.

Carson’s own staff have stated the retired neurosurgeon is not qualified to lead HUD. This is because Carson has no experience in lending or housing issues. Yet, this has not stopped the GOP majority in the Senate from voting for him.i

Carson stated he did not want a cabinet post in the Trump administration. His aides publicly stated in November:

Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience. He has also never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.

Is Ben Carson Crazy?

Crackpot Ben Carson
Carson wrote in his 1990 memoir that he once went Norman Bates on his mother. He attacked her with a hammer.

Ben Carson admitted being mentally unstable during his presidential campaign. He also admitted to a having anger management issues in his autobiography.

Carson wrote in his 1990 memoir that he once went Norman Bates on his mother and attacked her with a hammer. He also openly admitted hitting someone with a padlock. In addition, he also admitted to stabbing someone growing up in Detroit.
Trump used Carson’s past history of psychotic behavior as ammunition against him during the presidential primaries.
Ben Carson also made bizarre claims during his presidential campaign. He stated that he favors a law allowing congress to remove federal judges who favor marriage equality.
Carson like Trump doesn’t seem to grasp how our federal government works. He claimed in an interview with Newsmax that President Obama chose to cut funding for programs that would inflict the most pain on the American people as part of the sequester cuts. In truth, it was the GOP congress under Speaker John Boehner who did this.

Crackpot Ben Carson Truly Does Not Understand HUD’s Mission

Carson’s absurd nomination is dangerous for millions of Americans. In addition to being bat-shit crazy, Carson opposes everything the agency stands for.

HUD may not be one of the more glamorous cabinet agencies. Yet, the programs the agency develops and the decisions it makes represent some of the most important battles in our war on poverty and discrimination.

Carson’s appointment is troubling at best. He has no experience or familiarity with what HUD does. Carson’s views poverty and housing are also truly frightening. They totally contradict the rules that HUD exists to administer.

First of all, Carson opposes the fair housing rule. He believes preventive measures against discrimination are mandated social-engineering schemes. Furthermore, he believes it is not the role of the government to legislate racial equality which he believes can be “downright dangerous.”

This country has a long history of systematically denying housing to non-whites. Ironically, the Trump Organization was forced to pay one of the first major fines levied for housing discrimination in the early 1970s.

Crackpot Ben Caron also believes poverty is a choice. HUD oversees federal rental assistance programs that serve nearly five million low-income families.

HUD also provides federal government funding for the nation’s public housing developments. Something that helped Fred Trump become a multi-millionaire. Yet, Carson doesn’t believe in the Housing Choice Voucher program formerly known as Section 8.

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