Key Bank VP Joseph Talbot Buys 1,000 Copies Of His Local Newspaper In Attempt To Hide His DWI Arrest

New York State Police arrested Key Bank Vice President Joseph Talbot last week in upstate New York. Police stopped Talbot along Route 31 in Palmyra for driving while intoxicated. Police noticed he was driving erratically. In addition, Talbot failed multiple field sobriety tests.

Talbot is a vice president of Key Insurance and Benefits Services a wholly owned subsidiary of Key Bank. Talbot is also a former vice president of First Niagara Bank. First Niagara merged with Key Bank this past fall.

Talbot refused to submit to a breath sample. In addition, he refused to let troopers take his fingerprints or photo. He stated he didn’t want to end up in the local newspaper.

Talbot was also charged with second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

Talbot began buying copies of the Times of Wayne County newspaper. Store clerks say they saw Talbot buy hundreds of copies of the newspaper over New Year’s weekend.

Times owner Ron Holdraker estimated Talbot purchased somewhere between 900 and 1,000 copies of the paper from at least eight locations.

Holdraker said the newspapers cost about $1.25 each. Talbot would have spent at least $1,125 to buy the papers.

Talbot is scheduled to appear in the Town of Palmyra Court on Feb. 1. It is unknown if Talbot is still employed by Key Bank following his arrest.


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