Quack Medical Advice From WTBQ Sponsor Dr. Bob DeMaria “The Drugless Doctor” Could Kill You Or Someone You Love

dr. bob demariaYou have probably heard Dr. Bob DeMaria on Frank Truatt’s morning show on WTBQ. You’re probably thinking Dr. Bob is some type of old school country doctor giving folksy advice about health.

That’s not quite true. Dr. Bob is actually an Ohio Chiropractor and leading anti-vaxxer Bob DeMaria.

DeMaria likes to promote junk science and peddle supplements like an Ed Wood version of Dr. Oz. Dr. Bob has a series of Youtube videos that claim Apple Cider Vinegar cures bursitis and Fibromyalgia.

He also has another video that claims that ingesting Iodine will help you lose weight.

In addition, he writes that ingesting Iodine will cure women of ovarian cancer. Furthermore, one of DeMaria’s wackiest claims is that Chlorella cures radiation poisoning.

In addition, to these wacky claims, he also claims giving teenage girls the HPV vaccine makes them more promiscuous. He also promotes the potentially deadly theory that spinal adjustments on babies will make them smarter kids.

Dr. Bob’s Credentials

Dr. Bob DeMaria’s website, The Drugless Doctor conveniently omits the credentials of him and his wife Debbie. The DeMaria family’s credentials are also conveniently missing from their media kits. I had to scroll through three years of Facebook postings and five pages of Google to piece together Dr. Bob’s educational credentials. 

DeMaria claims he holds two PhDs. Yet, the schools DeMaria claims he attended do not offer accredited Ph.D. level courses. 

Dr. Bob DeMaria
Mr. Van Driessen

DeMaria graduated from Lorain Community College in 1974. He continued his education and graduated from the barely accredited for-profit National University of Health Sciences in 1978. NUHS is a distance learning university that offers their version of doctorate programs in alternative medicine. Programs that include chiropractic medicine and massage therapy. The school also offers programs in the junk science of Naturopathic Medicine and the ambiguously sounding oriental medicine. 

Naturopathic medicine is the quack science that preaches hot pepper and ginger root when mixed with horseradish and onions can cure almost any ailment. It also the same quackery that preaches Apple Cider Vinegar and Maple Syrup can cure cancer.

The school sounds like it is run by Beavis and Butthead’s Birkenstock wearing hippie teacher Mr. Van Driessen.

Dr. Bob DeMaria continued his journey into quack medicine. He received another doctoral degree from the now-defunct Clayton College of Natural Health. Clayton College never received accreditation status and was also sued for scamming students. As a result, the school closed in 2010. This is probably why DeMaria doesn’t include it on his LinkedIn biography.

One thing is for certain DeMaria is not qualified to give medical advice. He is also not qualified nor is he allowed to prescribe drugs. Yet, he pawns supplements that he claims cures everything from Anal Warts to cancer.


(2) Comments

  • Harlan 22:07:55 pm January 16, 2017

    Your slander doesn’t strengthen the main point that your are making about the credibility of vaccines. It puts you right down in the gutter.

  • Stephen Dibert 22:07:55 pm January 16, 2017

    I guess they didn’t teach you the definition of “slander” at Stanford, did they Dr. Herbalife? You may want to use a dictionary before you start throwing around words you don’t know the meaning of. I’m not making any points about vaccinations. My point is “Dr. Bob” is a quack and his psuedo-science sales pitches could kill someone.

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