Several Complaints Allege Charity Run By Taylor Sterling Of WTBQ Is A Scam

WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling aka Joy Taylor (one of her many names) likes to brag about her “Feeding Families” charity on the air. She also likes to drone on for hours about all the work she has done with food charities. The only problem is that is all bullshit. It’s another tale in Sterling’s history of tall tales.

I began investigating Taylor Sterling’s charity in March when I began getting tips from local farmers. The tipsters informed us that Sterling’s claims of helping starving families were dubious at best. Tipsters also informed us that any evidence of her donating food was nonexistent. They also informed us of several complaints filed against Taylor Sterling with NY Attorney General’s Office.

Sterling’s Claims Don’t Match Her Nonexistent Corporate Filings

There is very little information available about Feeding Families on the Internet. I did find the cache of the now defunct Feeding Families website. The website makes grandiose statements about the charity’s supposed accomplishments. Like this:

“We, at Feeding Families, Inc, speak from experience. A recent donation fueled our passion to feed as many hungry families as possible on America healthy food. The co-owner of a wholesale food brokerage firm, and Joy Taylor, were able to facilitate a donation of over 130,000 lbs of fresh frozen fruits and vegetables.” 

Feeding Families incorporated at an address in the Bronx in 2007 according to the Corporations Division of the New York Department of State. This address also appears as one of Sterling’s previous addresses on her Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Dun & Bradstreet lists Feeding Families as a beef cattle feedlot located on a .05 acre lot in the heart of Brooklyn. The address appears to be an apartment Sterling shared with her ex-husband. The Dun & Bradstreet report also shows Feeding Families received between $88,000 to $92,000 in revenue in 2010.

The report also shows Feeding Families received between $88,000 to $92,000 in revenue in 2010.

Feeding Families is conveniently left off Sterling’s 2011 bankruptcy petition. The D&B Report contradicts Sterling’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. She states in her bankruptcy petition she was in Florida collecting unemployment and living off credit cards in 2010. 

It also appears Sterling never filed any annual reports with the IRS or New York State. Most noteworthy is the fact there is no evidence Feeding Families contributed any food to food banks. In addition, Sterling has never filed a 990 or 990-N filing with the IRS since Feeding Families has been allegedly operating.

Complaints With New York AG Allege Sterling’s Charity Is A Scam

It seems like I’m not the only one who noticed the bullshit of Sterling’s grandiose claims. Or that her bolstering doesn’t match what she has filed with the state and the federal government. 

Someone with extensive experience in food recovery programs noticed as well. They filed a complaint with the Charities Bureau of New York AG’s Office. They have serious concerns about what Joy Doe is claiming and what she is actually doing. 

The person writes in their complaint:

“I am appalled that someone would potentially scam others over this issue”  

“I am further concerned that I can’t locate any tax filings and the identity of the Executive Director is more than suspect. I’m actually curious if you will be able to ascertain her true identity.”

The person filing the complaint asked to remain anonymous out of fear of Joy Doe’s retribution. They fear reprisals from Sterling. They fear she will use the radio station as well as her relationship with Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus as a way to destroy their business.

“In the past two years, the Executive Director, whatever her real name might be, has assumed control of radio station WTBQ. Since then she has made it a propaganda arm of the current Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus. Not only does Neuhaus have his own weekly show he is a frequent guest on many others. Sterling will frequently repeat the talking points or positions of Neuhaus on whatever issue may be coming up. She has removed roughly 75% of the previous on-air talent and staff, many being removed because they don’t agree with her political agenda, including a vocal critic of Neuhaus and his activities. Having someone with the power of a radio station is extremely disconcerting.

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