Racist Regions Bank VP June Pridmore Fired For Racist Facebook Rant About President Obama

June Pridmore was fired as Regions Bank Vice President by the bank on Wednesday. Pridmore posted a series of Donald Trump-inspired racist comments about President Obama and his family.

She claimed the Obamas were Muslims. Then Pridmore also alluded to how the President has his extended family from Africa living with them at the White House in her rant. She also stated,

“They have sponged the US of money flying to every single location in which they could vacation, taking the Grandmother with them. ….Oh yes, and let us NOT forget they flew the family dog on a SEPARATE plane.”

In addition to these already disgusting comments, she also made statements claiming that President-Elect Donald Trump could “buy and sell” America’s first African-American First Family.

This is all bullshit spread by Donald Trump and his band of racist supporters over the past three years.

The post was widely shared on Facebook. As a result, Pridmore was immediately labeled “Racist of the Week.”

Regions Bank launched an investigation which consequently resulted in her termination.

Pridmore had been a senior VP of loan operations at the bank since 2008. Her comments also raised concerns about whether her apparent racism may have influenced any loan approvals. Regions Bank said the former VP was not in a position where she could approve or deny loans.

Bank spokesperson Jeremy King said in a statement:

“We appreciate the concerns shared about offensive social media comments that were made through an associate’s personal Facebook account. We want you to know that we share those concerns. Those comments do not reflect our values as a company or the way we do business. The associate is no longer an employee of the company.”


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