Angry Listeners Call For A Boycott Of WTBQ Advertisers! Psycho Station Manager Goes Nutso On Elderly Veteran Uncle Buck

WTBQ Advertisers
Taylor Sterling hurled the contents of Uncle Buck’s food and toy donation bins to the road with the determination of an old Soviet Olympic Shot Putter.

Psycho WTBQ Station Manager Taylor Sterling has finally done it this time. Long time listeners of the station are so irate they are calling for a boycott of WTBQ advertisers.

WTBQ listeners claim Sterling has gone too far with the abuse she gives to local fundraiser Frank Pileggi aka Uncle Buck.

Uncle Buck returned to WTBQ after a months-long illness last week. He expected to receive cheers and hugs from the WTBQ staff.

Instead, Uncle Buck was greeted by Taylor Sterling screaming profanities at him for no apparent reason. Sterling then began hurling the contents of his food and toy donation bins out to the road with the determination of an old Soviet Olympic Shot Putter.

Cars and trucks began running over the toys and cans of food before a frail Uncle Buck could salvage the contents. Good Samaritans stopped to help a teary-eyed Uncle Buck clean up what was left of the donations that were meant for disabled veterans and their families.

Witnesses claim they saw Sanfordville Road littered with decapitated Sponge Bobs and teddy bears mixed with busted open cans of Spaghetti-O’s and packages of Ramen Noodles. 

A local mother on the way to Sanfordville Elementary was mortified. The young mother said, “It looked like someone went on a shooting rampage in Toontown! I’m glad my 5-year old daughter didn’t see this! She would be traumatized for life!’

Another witness said something showered her car while she drove down Sanfordville Road. When she arrived home she found remnants of Ramen Noodle packages stuck in her grill and pieces of Ramen noodles embedded on her windshield wipers.

Call For Boycott Of WTBQ Advertisers

WTBQ Avertisers
Another one of Taylor Sterling’s “Mommie Dearest” episodes has blown up in her face

Longtime fans of WTBQ are also fed up with Taylor Sterling’s sociopathic behavior. Behavior that includes her obscene cattiness that appears to have no limits.

In addition, WTBQ fans have endured her trashing talking local businesses like Halligan’s Public House and the local Shop-Rite for three years. They have also been forced to listening to stories of Sterling abusing her two dogs.

Fans were also disappointed with the loss of colorful NASCAR expert Kevin Skelly from WTBQ.

Most noteworthy is Sterling’s continual abuse of military veterans. This recent indignity to Uncle Buck has finally pushed WTBQ listeners over the edge. They now plan to take action on social media.

Longtime fans say complaining to station owner Frank Truatt accomplishes nothing. He refuses to do anything about Sterling’s toxic behavior that seems to be poisoning Orange County. Therefore, fans are organizing a boycott of WTBQ advertisers. Fans hope that a boycott of WTBQ advertisers will finally force Frank Truatt to get Taylor Sterling under control. 

Boycott organizers plan on launching a boycott of the following WTBQ Advertisers:

A & T Healthcare 
Attorney Robert Krahulik
Beverage Plus Two
Blarney Station
Crystal Run Healthcare
Dan Castricone Allstate Insurance 
Dawson Motors
Durland Insurance
Hudson Valley Wine
Middletown Medical Healthcare
Millspaugh Furniture
Mountain Creek Ski Resort
Mt. Peter Ski Area
Nissan of Middletown
Peck’s Wine and Spirits
Pennings Farm Market
Red Shutters
Suburban Propane
Ye Ole Warwick Bookshop

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