Does The Hate Speech By United Monroe Activists Make Them Suspects In The Desecration Of Temple Beth Shalom?

It has finally happened. The cryptic Nazi rhetoric of Emily Convers and her United Monroe activists has led to violence. Someone has desecrated Temple Beth Shalom in Warwick over the weekend on the eve of Yom Kippur. 

Vandals spray painted swastikas on the walls that the gates of the cemetery. They also scrawled the words “Heil Hitler” and the letters “SS,” for the Nazi Schutzstaffel. 

Members of the 70-year-old synagogue are heartbroken because of the damage. Rabbi Rebecca Shinder, who has led the congregation for 11 years, said “This is not just about the swastikas and Nazi Germany. It represents hatred and persecution of the Jewish people throughout the centuries. It’s a symbol of hatred and intimidation.”

Journalists from as far away as Jerusalem are writing about the incident. They have also asked Shinder if the vandalism was the work of kids. She said, “I don’t know if it is or it isn’t. Which is worse? I don’t know. But neo-Nazism is, unfortunately, alive and well in Europe and here.”

Emily Convers And Her History Of Cryptic Nazi Rhetoric

Emily Convers and her United Monroe activists have been unusually quiet about the desecrated of Temple Beth Shalom. It’s no surprise since Convers and her friends have a history of cryptic Nazi rhetoric and fear mongering. They have effectively used these tactics to spread fear and hate in their campaign to stop the expansion of the Village of Kiryas Joel. As a result of her campaign, vandalism and violence against Jews in Orange County is on the rise.

Convers has written such fear mongering posts as this about the bloc of Hasidic voters:

“If not stopped, this bloc vote will also eventually result in a severe diminishment in the quality of the schools that your children attend. Their bloc does not have any use for public education, and if they can gain control of local school boards, will undoubtedly vote to cut budgets and critical programs that contribute to the educational development of your child.

Convers even likes to use rhetoric from the ugly side of America’s history. She implies Jews will destroy your property values:

 “The Kiryas Joel bloc vote is ultimately affecting you directly in your bank account. By the very nature of this demographic, your taxes will go up while your property values will go down. Possibly WAY down. Over time, this equity will dwindle and dwindle until you have nothing left. And if you are a newer homeowner in the area with a mortgage, the drop in your property value could well put you “under water.”

United Monroe Activists Are Even More Blunt With The Anti-Semitic Language

As a result of Emily Convers’ cryptic Nazi rhetoric, United Monroe activists have jumped on the Jew-bashing bandwagon and they aren’t shy about expressing their own anti-Semitic beliefs.

Most noteworthy are the comments by United Monroe activists like Jeff Pichardo:

“It’s very valid the jews are the worst people on the planet. They are killing and stealing the lives and land of the Palestinians!!! And because so many people are in their pockets most of the world stays quiet. The Jews are a parasite to humanity. You really believe you are gods chosen people what a fucking joke! And don’t get me started how you Jews played a major role in the slave trade! So don’t ever in your filthy life try to play me for a fool.”

Christine Durso teaches at the culturally diverse Speyer Legacy School in Manhattan. Durso likes comparing the Jews of the Kiryas Joel to Nazis.

Durso writes: “You see Nazis forced people to act and think like them, not unlike the political arm of KJ.”

She also claims that Jews are free to violate Fair Housing Laws because they can afford fancy lawyers to help them rape the system: 

“They don’t follow fair housing – that alone is one of their many illegal tactics – thru can afford fancy lawyers because they rape the system.”

Durso has even compared the Jews of Kiryas Joel to the Mafia by saying, “we’re watching that be destroyed by a combination cult/Italian Mafia”

MFI-Miami Pledges To Help Law Enforcement Hunt Down These Nazi Thugs 

MFI-Miami is pledging to do whatever it can to hunt down these Nazi thugs. This includes giving the Warwick Police access to all the comments made by people on any MFI-Miami websites and social media pages.

It seems like most of these comments came from United Monroe activists. Therefore, I have decided to repost the United Monroe donor list since it appears anyone affiliated with United Monroe may be a suspect.

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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”United Monroe Contributors 2015″]

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